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Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides - 10oz

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Having used the powder for the past few weeks, I have been surprised and impressed by the notable change. My face appears more youthful!

by thatpaul

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So far so good

After using this collagen supplement for a month, I can confidently say it has worked wonders for my skin. I have not had any breakouts, and there is less redness. My face looks healthy, and my skin feels fresher. I can't really say much about my nails as they seem to take forever to grow, but I have noticed lots of new baby hairs growing on my forehead hairlines which is exciting. I recently tried adding collagen to my morning coffee and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't affect the taste. Overall, I am very pleased with the tiny but noticeable results I have seen so far and I plan to continue using collagen as I believe it will benefit my health.

by mamabear92

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Surprisingly enjoyable

I have not long come out of hospital, so my skin looks pale and dull; my hair, brittle and lacklustre and my nails look awful, splitting, skin peeling. Obviously desperate to find a solution, I happened upon the Collagen peptides. That said, I was sceptical. Looking at the powder, l initially thought yuk, how am I going to drink this, so l opened a can of sugar free pop, poured half in a glass, topped it up with water and added the powder. It actually blended nicely and the taste was definitely to my liking. It has been only 7 days and I am already starting to notice a difference. My skin looking much improved; hair healthier and less brittle and my nails, wow, I am so impressed. In fact so much so, I am going to try the Strawberry and Lemon when I finish my current batch as, without a doubt, this product will definitely be on my shopping list in the future.

by DottyMay

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Great product

I have being trying this in my coffee everyday for about a month now. It blends in well and there is no taste to it. I had to reduce the amount to 10g as it was giving me bowel issues but the results were still surprisingly good. I have found that my skin feels smoother and my morning aches and pains have been significantly reduced. I have finished my tub and have bought another one and will continue to use it as part of my daily routine.

by 19ds70

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Collagen Powder

I liked the idea of this product being unflavoured so I can add it to pretty much any hot or cold drink. However, I do find it does have a subtle flavour though which can make certain products taste a bit funny. I add it to my porridge every morning and find it acts as a natural sweetener. My skin looks brighter but not sure of other benefits.

by Carlydavo88

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It really works

I have been using this product for more than a month and I already can see the difference in my skin. It looks much better, and feels younger and smooth. My nails feel strong and are growing faster, they also look healthier. I can't see the difference with my hair but I believe it will take more time. I finished my first box and I am planning to buy another one. I didn’t know that drinking collagen can bring that good results. I was using it with my morning coffee every day and I haven't felt any difference in taste. I would totally recommend this product.

by Vanija

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Definitely works!

I know some people are skeptical about collagen supplements working but I must say I honestly believe they do! My nails are stronger and joints not as achy after workouts/first thing in the morning. I take this in my morning coffee and although it is supposed to be tasteless, I still can taste it and don’t love it. I drink it then have a second cuppa to “enjoy” it! Benefits outweigh the taste not being amazing!

by Snickerdoodle

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Taste great

Great choice as a collagen supplement. I've chosen this product because the taste is nuteral and easy to use. Definitely will be buying again.

by EB2024

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I am really impressed with the product I’ve received. The vital proteins collagen peptides exceed my expectations. I have tried other collagens brands in the past but they always seem to give me an adverse reactions (headache, breakout or insomnia) and hated the taste. However this was not the case with this brand. This collagen dissolved quickly in any type of liquid (water, tea, juice etc.). It does not have any taste making it pleasant to drink/mix in with other drinks. You literally can’t tell or even notice any different in your drinks. I have been taking it for over a couple of weeks now and have noticed some positive changes to my hair and skin. I am also really impressed that the only ingredient listed is the collagen peptides and nothing artificial. I will definitely be buying this again and will add it into my daily routine. Highly highly recommend if you haven’t already tried it.

by Xoxo1990

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Quick and easy!

I found this very easy to incorporate into my routine. One scoop every morning with my coffee, it didn’t need stirring it practically just dissolved. I have used other brands which clump up into lumps. Only been using this for a week so I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference to my skin or hair. Although my nails do feel stronger!! Update After using this for a few more weeks. I have noticed the growth on my hair and nails! My skin feels less dry and plumper.

by Rolochan76

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