A selection of OLE HENRIKSEN products (including the Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum) against a grey-ish white studio background



Looking to add OLE HENRIKSEN into your skin care regimen? Discover why it’s our Brand of the Month and the must-haves you *need* to try...

2024-01-31 10:40:18 By Emma Hobday

A side by side collage of a model with brown hair applying skin and body care treatments against a studio background with a red and white border


We're going Beyond Skin Deep...

Whatever your skin journey looks like — and however you feel about it — discover everything you need to help you treat yourself with kindness as part of our newly launched skin care campaign...

2024-02-19 07:57:06By Jade Biggs


Scents For Spring

We've curated the best spring-evoking scents to tantalise your senses as the days get longer and warmer...

2024-02-15 09:19:33By Alice Barnett

A medium shot of older model with grey hair smiling at the camera in a studio setting on a grey background.

Beauty News

The Best Beauty Gifts For Mother’s Day

From skin care and make up to fragrances and bath products – there’s a beauty gift for every type of mother figure in your life.

2023-02-08 16:20:14 By Trifonia Asmar

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