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Trouble switching off? Forget counting sheep, take a space-age approach to relaxing with Spacemasks. The brand's luxe, self-heating eye masks promote relaxation thanks to an infusion of comforting jasmine and gentle air-activated warmth. Transporting you to another dimension, these relaxing essentials provide a soothing effect from headaches, tiredness and eye strain.

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Tired of feeling tired? In need of a way to transport yourself to sleep town? Making drifting off easy and effortless is Spacemask’s innovative, self-heating eye masks. Luxurious to use and designed to promote relaxation, the brand’s unique distraction eliminators are infused with comforting notes of jasmine and oxygen activated warmth.


Spacemasks was founded by highly respected jewellery designer Harriet Kelsall. After creating her eponymous brand in 1998 and being selected as one for the first 20 companies worldwide to hold a Fairtrade gold license, Harriet battled depression, panic attacks and severe anxiety. After opening up her home to overseas students she was gifted a heated eye mask and understood their potential in offering a sense of comfort, quickly inspiring her to create her own. In 2017 she released Spacemasks allowing consumer some luxurious respite to help them to unwind, chill out and sleep better.


Providing instant relaxation thanks to the soothing scent of jasmine and the immediate warming effect once opened, Spacemask's eye masks are the brand’s iconic essential. Available in a box of five, each individual treatment is wrapped ready to be warmed once opened. Utilising innovative iron powder that reacts with oxygen in the air once exposed, these clever masks provide a warm, sensorial hug to the eyes and senses. Instantly soothing, they work great on long haul flights, after a late night or when that niggling headache rears its unwanted head...

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