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Powered by innovation, Biossance is the brainchild of a group of scientists who invented a skin-identical hydrating molecule, squalane, that’s made from fermented sugarcane. 

Setting out to change the beauty industry and your complexion for the better, the brand fuses high-performing ingredients with futuristic technology. 

The result? A curated collection of covetable cleansers, creams, serums and more.


Paving the path for clean beauty, BIOSSANCE dreams up planet-positive skin care that is kind to both you and the environment. A case in point? The brand’s signature moisturisers help save around two million sharks every year. But that’s not all, powered by its not-so-secret ingredient –squalane that’s derived from renewable sugarcane–BIOSSANCE transforms your complexion and body to boost ultra-hydration to ensure happy and healthy skin.


Squalane is an oil produced by BIOSSANCE, that is both vegan and kind to our planet. At the core of every formula, it’s a weightless ingredient that’s instantly absorbed into the skin and replenishes the lost moisture around the entire body. While our body produces its own variation of squalane, the amount beings to decrease with age. With that in mind, BIOSSANCE'ssqualane is derived from sugarcane and has been created to deliver up to forty times more active ingredients that penetrate deeper than other formulas. The results? It supports our skin’s barrier by encouraging other skin care actives to work while moisturising and nourishing 20 times more than your typical oil.


Powered by proprietary fermentation technology to bio-design new high-performing ingredients, BIOSSANCE is committed to researching and developing skin care that encourages a positive planet while enforcing clean chemistry.


BIOSSANCE begins its commitment to Mother Nature before its products are born and bottled up. How? Firstly, BIOSSANCE's squalane is powered by sugarcane that is only watered by natural rainfall – to reduce water waste. But that’s not all, ensuring that there is no waste when producing its products, the brand use sugarcane pulp as a fuel source as well as featuring it in its packaging. Other sustainable practices include minimizing carbon emissions in BIOSSANCE's labs and onsite processes while creating energy and water-efficient factories.

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