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Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides - 20oz

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides - 20oz

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Collagen much needed

Sarnie 0.0 star rating Collagen much needed! Review by Anonymous User This is a great collagen supplement for healthy hair, skin and nails and a very welcome boost now I am over 40. The packaging is bright and clear with simple instructions. The included scoop makes the product much more convenient with no measuring and weighing, saving time and mess! This can be used in both hot or cold drinks and I have even added it to porridge. I have found it is best to add once hot drinks have cooled a little otherwise the powder can separate. The taste is very mild and barely noticeable. I would say it tastes a little creamier with the collagen peptides especially in tea. My hair and nails are growing great with this boost. I will definitely use Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to continue to support healthy skin, hair and nails. I would recommend this supplement to family friends and colleagues. Give Vital Proteins collagen peptides a try!

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Nice little boost

*edited to add update * I've now been using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides long enough to see the benefits of it. I feel my skin has benefitted and seems more 'plump' my nails have began to grow and are all the same length - I usually have various snapped ones. My hair is shiny and seems to be growing well - even with possible hormone issues which is causing hair loss. I've been adding it to my smoothies where I haven't been able to detect any taste or different consistency. My first opinion of this product was that its a decent sized container, so would last a while. I chose the unflavoured variety as I'm not a fan of artifical tasting products. My first attempt at using this product was mixed in with some squash. While there was no flavour as such, I could taste the difference. It was like a very weak flavoured gummy sweet. Not horrible, but wouldn't choose to drink it. I also mixed it wrong on my first go. Always add the powder to water, not the other way round as it turns into a

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Tasteless in your drinks!

Every morning when I have my cup of coffee, I would add a scoop of Collagen Peptides which easily dissolves. There is no noticeable taste from this either so my coffee tastes exactly the same as before, which is a plus! After using these daily for quite a while now, I can confidently say that I can see clear improvements in my nails, skin and hair. My nails are stronger and less prone to chipping, skin seems clearer and my hair feels stronger too. I used to lose quite a bit of hair (especially after having kids) and I feel recently I lose less hair than before. I would highly recommend this product!

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Love it

I have been trying out this supplement for a few weeks now by adding it to my morning coffee, one of the great things about this product is it is neutral flavoured(flavourless) so you can add it to absolutely anything you wish even water. I have noticed a difference in my complexion, my hair appears shiner and my nails stronger. This is going to be a new staple in my daily life, and the face you can purchase in varying sizes dependant on your needs is a great option The convenience of this product is second to none and I would and have highly recommended to family and friends

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Nice collagen powder

I add this to my coffee every morning, I have to say that I it is good with my hot drink, I did try with water but wasn’t so nice ,I have noticed that my nails are a little stronger, I am continuing to use to see the benefits for my hair and skin . I have been using a couple of weeks now , I do think it is a little bit expensive .

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User I have been using this product for around three weeks now and I’m starting to see the difference in my joints and skin. I’m less achy and my skin is radiating. I love the fact that it’s flavourless giving you the opportunity to be as a versatile with it as possible; I have it in hot and cold drinks, porridge, yoghurt, smoothies, and just water. I have enjoyed using it.

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Excellent source of collagen

I love how convenient and easy for it to mix with my morning drinks! It mixes with my coffee instantly without altering the taste and it doesn't form any clumps which is excellent for a busy morning.. I have also noticed that my hair looks shinier, thicker and softer. My nails used to be brittle and I have noticed it grows faster and stronger.. My skin looks healthier and my colleagues have mentioned I look "Fresher" I am very pleased with the results and I will definitely continue buying

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My usual collagen is 1400mg in tablet form, so I was interest in trying this super dose of 20g in its natural state, to see if there was a difference. It's unflavoured, but this doesn't mean there's no taste. When I mixed it with plain water or tea, the taste was just too strong, however in coffee and mixed in with my morning muesli, it was absolutely fine! And importantly, there's no weird texture to it. It's easy to measure out with the handy scoop inside the pack (2 scoops is 1 portion containing 20g collagen). I've been using this for 3 weeks and I have to say, I've not really noticed any difference. My hair & nails are strong anyway, but I was hoping for more of a difference in my skin (I'm now 40 & starting to see signs of aging) or even my muscles (I have fibromyalgia), but I can't say that's happened for me yet. However, as long as you don't mind that this is bovine collagen, it's a great way of getting more protein into your diet without upping your meat intake - 18g protein!

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Good health product

Being from Manchester, all I drink is a certain purple cordial and I'm pleased to report that this collagen does not mess with its perfect Northern flavour whilst offering up benefits for my skin. It takes a little bit of time and stirring to dissolve into cold drinks, with hot drinks it disappears almost instantly. the flavour is next to nothing and the only thing I notice is an ever so slightly thicker texture and haze to to drink. After a few days I started to notice that my skin was moister and a bit plumper, during colder months I tend to have to use moisturiser but after having this collagen my skin started to take care of itself better. I'm not very old and I'm a dude, I can't comment on whether my wrinkles receded but I can say that it feels healthier for sure.

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Excellent way to get collagen

Fantastic way of getting a high dose of collagen and protein making it very effective in a short space of time. I have noticed a difference of hydration within my skin within about 3/4weeks, which I think will continue to show within my hair as I continue to use. I haven’t yet noticed any difference with my joints however it may take a little longer taking the collagen to notice. This powder form is great to add in any drinks I like it to go into my tea or coffee as it dissolves quickly in and is tasteless. I look forward to continuing seeing the benefits over the coming weeks/months.

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