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{Mama Mio} is the home of {pregnancy skin care}. Offering pregnancy-safe products to nourish bumps, Mama Mio cares for your skin through pregnancy with omega-rich formulas that increase elasticity and prevent stretch marks. Discover body creams, butters and oils for hydrated, supple and beautifully soft skin. A must-have on every new mama-to-be’s pregnancy shopping list.


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With over 17 years’ experience creating incredible pregnancy skin care, Mama Mio is one of the first beauty brands to develop a pregnancy-dedicated range that focuses on supporting pregnant skin.

Created by four mamas who wanted to make products that they couldn’t find anywhere themselves, the brand started with its iconic Mama Mio stretch mark cream and has evolved into a global phenomenon. From the {Mama Mio tummy rub} and the deliciously silky and luxurious {Mama Mio tummy oil} to products focused on sore boobs and tired legs, the collection now caters to pregnancy from head to toe. Working to nourish skin and improve hydration and elasticity, indulge in extra care for your skin during and after your pregnancy with Mama Mio.


Whether you’ve just started to notice your bump showing or you’re waiting on that all-important due date, Mama Mio is designed to help. The beauty of growing your baby can also come with tightened and uncomfortable skin that’s working hard to stretch around your growing bump, so discover soothing and nourishing skin care designed to ease itchiness, increase hydration and soften your skin. The innovative Mama Mio formulas work to improve your skin’s elasticity to both prevent stretch marks and reduce the appearance and colour of stretch marks already formed. For use everywhere from the boobs with {Mama Mio Boob Tube} down to the legs with Mama Mio Lucky Legs, you’ll find products that support strong and healthy skin at all stages of your pregnancy and into motherhood.


When your skin is working harder than normal, you need the skin care products that can protect and support the growth you go through during pregnancy. Mama Mio created its iconic Omega Rich Skin Stretch Complex to provide stretching skin with maximum nourishment, and you’ll find this complex in each of the pregnancy products in the range. Formulated to nourish your skin, increase hydration and improve your skin’s natural elasticity, the omega-rich products are clinically proven to help prevent stretch marks, leaving your skin feeling and looking softer, suppler and more comfortable than ever. When your skin’s elasticity is put to the test, Mama Mio steps in to help ease and support uncomfortable, stretched, irritated and sensitive skin and serve up the perfect touch of TLC.


Beautifully formulated to be both pregnancy and breast-feeding safe, Mama Mio creates vegan and {cruelty-free skin care} products that make pregnant skin happy while ensuring everything is sustainably sourced from ingredients to packaging. Using natural, plant-based actives paired with natural oils, it’s all about goodness and nourishment when it comes to Mama Mio. And that even comes down to scent. The products are finished with 100% natural citrus fragrances designed to be subtle, light and even mood-boosting, leaving you feeling cared for at every stage of your journey.