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Bringing deeper skin tones to the forefront of the conversation, Buttah Skin is shifting the beautysphere in an inclusive direction — making luscious skin care formulas with the melanin-rich in mind. Giving everyone the attention they deserve, the brand was founded in 2018by Dorion Renaud with one core mission: to unite the best of nature and science in highly effective formulas for both women and men. Targeting the likes of dryness, dullness, oiliness and blemishes (to name but a few of the bugbears we face on the daily), Buttah Skin’s range is for — in Renaud’s own words — ‘everyone who is searching for products that work’. The result of his personal journey with skin care and his own love affair with natural shea, Buttah Skin is on a quest to empower, ignite self-love and incite acceptance.

Buttah Skin

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