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Christmas work parties, ‘just a quick drink’ after work (spoiler alert… it never is just one), countless trips to Winter Wonderland (who can resist?!) and impromptu eggnog-induced nights out. That time of year is fast approaching which means one thing in the beautysphere… perfecting your glowy make up look, of course. ‘Tis the season for your visage to show off its glow with a little help from the heaven-sent highlighters and radiant bases that are on every beauty lover’s wishlist. The holiday season brings with it the perfect excuse to throw on something sparkly, reach for your go-to red for a festive lip and amp up the glow on your make up. There’s quite honestly no such thing as ‘too much’ over the holiday season in our honest opinion, so we’ve indulged ourselves in some of our favourite glow-granting shimmers, {primers}, eye-adoring {shadows} and {complexion} essentials to help you rival your tinsel-strewn mantlepiece and glow all out this Christmas…

The Golden-Hour Glow

No matter what finish you want to achieve, the prep is always what sets you up for success. For a natural glowy make up look — that’s a little less oily and a little more lit-from-within-radiance — make sure you’re reaching for the perfect primer. A one-stop-shop for luminous and hydrated skin, VIEVE’s {Skin Nova} walks the line between make up and skin care thanks to a little sprinkling of beauty magic. On one end of its glow-giving hit list is a complex of barrier-boosting niacinamide, hydrating beta-glucan and rose water that will leave your complexion more radiant than the star atop your tree. At the other end of the light-catching spectrum, you’ll find a plethora of ultra-fine pigments that hold the key to achieving that golden-hour glow set to make you stand out in all your seasonal snaps. Worn alone, mixed with your favourite base or used to prime for a long-lasting, radiant finish, this imparts an effortless gleam no matter how you choose to use it…

Reflect The Light

If there’s one way to outshine every gift under the tree then it’s got to be with NARS‘ {Light Reflecting Foundation}. Never a more radiant base did we meet, nor are we sure we ever will! Created to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up, this ethereal formulation cleverly catches and reflects the light as it hits your skin to make you look your best in every room. An innovative blend of make up and skin care, this clever formulation self-adjusts (!) to suit indoor and outdoor light exposure to ensure you always look your most radiant self. Oh, and lest we forget the blurring of imperfections, protection against environmental aggressors and medium yet buildable coverage that will have you basking in every source of light you can find.

Highlight In Style

For those whose look simply isn’t complete without a sweep of highlight across the cheekbones, cupids bow, inner corners of the eyes, bridge of the nose (we really do love a highlighter, can you tell?) then boy, have we got the new-in radiance-inducers for you… If you’re yet to try the mother of make up’s runway-ready formulas, then the {Skin Fetish: Divine Glow Highlighter} from {Pat McGrath Labs} is a truly gorgeous place to start. Created to be used anywhere you want to add light, this skin care-enriched powder comes in three otherworldly shades that capture and diffuse light to dial up your radiance tenfold. If you prefer your highlighter in travel-friendly form for an easy on-the-go glow, then you’ll adore the luxe, Parisian chic of La Bouche Rouge‘s {La Lumière Highlighter}. Enriched with hyaluronic acid to deliver a flood of moisture, and age-defying St. Sulliac seaweed, this is so much more than just a highlighter… Formulated with 96% natural-origin ingredients, each of the four luminous hues amps up your radiance in flawless, luxurious style. Who could resist?

A Sophisticated Sheen

The finishing powders that have captured the hearts, and faces, of many a make up lover around the globe have landed in three flawless new palettes. Meet the Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked in {Elephant}, {Tiger} and {Butterfly}, each encased in bespoke packaging and featuring six multi-dimensional powders that capture and diffuse light to impart a soft-focus finish. Unlock the secret to a natural flush and a candlelit complexion with these best-selling powders (plus new-on-the-block hues) that harness {Hourglass‘} ‘Photoluminescent Technology’ to create a seamless, sophisticated sheen. Spanning an array of rose-tinted blushes, gilded bronzers and radiant finishing powders, these lusted-after powders grant an enviable glow.

Shimmer and Shine

So, your base is giving a glow worthy of Santa’s Sleigh, but what about the eyes? If you’re looking to make an impact and load your lids with shimmer, then the about-face {Fractal Glitter Eye Paints} are just what you need. Now, if your mind has already gone to the inevitable fallout (literally) that is so quick to ruin the fun that comes alongside eyes that sparkle (flashback to finding glitter in places you never would have thought it could reach months later), then we’re about to put your worries at ease. These shimmer-loaded, mousse-like shadows don’t crack, crease, drop-down or transfer, so you can enjoy your Christmas drinks safe in the knowledge that your shadow will stay exactly where you applied it. Glitter just got a grown-up glow-up…

Still craving even more glow? Then look to this {blog} for all the skin care tricks and tips to keep your glow going through the gloomy seasons…


Natalie Cohn

Natalie Cohn

Junior Copywriter

Natalie is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Ingredient-focused and all about the details, she loves researching products to understand how and why they work. When she’s not talking to you (or anyone who that will listen!) about skin barrier health and the ultra-important role of your microbiome, you will normally find her curled up with a good book and a cup of tea – you can’t take the girl out of Yorkshire – or scouting out dogs to pet at the beach in her hometown of Brighton. If there had to be one product she would want everyone to use it would be a good, daily SPF, the basis of any great skin care routine …you can thank her later!