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ghd Have Just Decimated Your Hair Styling Time

They have done it. ghd have actually done it.  They have officially slashed my {hair} styling time. In half. How you may ask? With their new {Duet 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler}. Having frizzy, wavybutnotwavy, straight-butnotstraight hair, styling is desperately needed after I’ve washed my unruly long locks. Having been a devotee to ghd since my early teens (when the original IV styler first hit the market) I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this new piece of technology.  And what a game-changer it is. 

 ghd duet styler surrounded by flowers

So, how does the Duet 2-in-1 Duet Hot Air Styler work? 

Using ground-breaking Air-fusion™ technology, the new styler imparts ultra-concentrated airflow to your strands via bespoke chambers and four low temperature plates. At first, it may seem as though you’re just straightening your wet hair, but don’t be fooled. The hot plates aren’t hot enough and it’s the airflow that is actually drying your hair. Plus, with ghd’s smart technology, the infinity sensors on the styler predict your hair’s needs and maintain an optimal low styling temperature from root to tip. How new age!?  


First Impressions 

So, let’s be clear, I have a LOT of hair (though sadly my hair strands are on the thin side). I’m blessed with locks that hold curls as well as straight styles, and I’m an OG ghd stan. So how did the duet 2-in-1 perform? What I found is I only needed to go over my hair sections twice before my hair was fully dried. The problem, however, and it must be said, is that drying the roots takes a bit of manoeuvring. Having fiddled around with different techniques,  clamping the styler at the roots a couple of times and holding it there for a few seconds does ensure that your roots are drier before you go down the rest of your lengths. It took 20 minutes from toweldried hair to fully styled, which is a record considering the amount of hair I have. I do wonder though, how this would perform on those blessed with more textured hair, and whether the Duet would need to be used on a section more than twice and therefore how long would it actually take to fully dry/style your hair? Plus, as you’re using direct heat, it is imperative that heat protectant is used. ghd do state that no thermal hair damage is detected after four passes in wettostyle mode vs naturally dried hair’ but my personal philosophy is, why take the risk? I tried the {Sleek Talker} that goes hand in hand with the Duet, and this gorgeous styling oil smoothed out my strands, removed any whisper of ‘frizz’ and my hair was encapsulated by ghd’s invisible but lightweight thermal protection.  What I love most though about the entire tool, is the ‘shine shot’ button which transforms the styler into a fully loaded ghd straightener. Once the hair is dry and styled going back in with the ‘shine shot’ gives my locks an added boost of oompf and keeps the hair straight regardless of what the weather is doing outside. It’s also a perfect way to re-energise your look the next day.


woman with long brown hair holding the new ghd straightener dry hairwoman with long brown hair holding the ghd styler

Final Thoughts 

It’s been over two weeks since I got my hands on this ground-breaking technology and haven’t used my trusted Dyson once. I haven’t noticed any damage (I do wash and style my hair every other day) and it has slashed the time on my styling routine. Overall, I think this could be a game-changer in the hot tools department and it is the perfect all-in-one. The only downside is that I can only achieve a poker straight finish (think Rachel Green with her ultra, ultra-long y2k hair) or slightly round the ends, but maybe more practice is needed for me to really get to grips with this hot,  (but not hot enough to frazzle your wet hair!) tool. 


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