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See Your Skin Safely Through The Summer

With summer comes sweat, which — when combined with {SPF} and outside impurities — can wreak havoc on skin. That’s why we’ve rounded up the very best {skin care} formulas on the market, set to keep your complexion glowing throughout the hot (hot, hot) months. Whether you’re holidaying in the likes of Crete (lucky you) or sweltering in the sticky confines of London’s underground, you’re going to want — nay, need — these five fundamentals in your everyday arsenal.


Would this even be a summer-worthy post if we didn’t mention SPF? Nuh-uh. Though we hope you already know the drill, (wear SPF, even inside and even if you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t tend to burn) you can always check out {this post} if you’d like to brush up on all things {sun protection}.

Now that we have the SPF situation under control, it’s time for {aftersun}. {EVY Technology’s} stellar {Aftersun Mousse} reinjects moisture into sun-sizzled, parched skin for up to 12 hours. It’s suitable for both {body} and face (ideal if you’re packing light), and it even calls on {vitamins C} and E to protect skin against the elements. Plus, by keeping skin healthy and happy, it allows the melanin in your skin to develop into a safe, rich {tan} that lasts. But wait, there’s more — this formula uses innovative distribution technology to evenly disperse product throughout your outer skin, so it never rubs off with wear or sits atop skin feeling greasy. Instead, this cooling mousse is packed with soothing aloe, even offering relief to little ones who’ve spent all day splashing in the pool.


Keeping skin clean by cleansing each evening is the key to a healthy complexion during times of {spots}, sweat and stress. No matter how tired you are after a day of beachside bottomless drinks, chasing kiddies round the park or strolling through countryside hills with your hound, an evening {cleanse} is crucial. Allow us to say that again: c r u c i a l.

Perfect as a second cleanse (we’d recommend the likes of {VOTARY’s} {Clarifying Cleansing Oil – Rosemary and Oat} or {Glow Recipe’s} {Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm} to really break down your SPF first), the {Daily Airy Face Foam} by {Plenaire} will treat all skin types — dry, oily, combo, whatever — to an uplifting bath of bubbles that’ll remove all impurities without throwing your skin barrier into a state of crisis. Keeping your natural oils and moisture barrier balanced, it cleans and conditions skin while brightening the likes of sun damage and unclogging pores of impurities (read: sweat-induced bacteria).


This summer, {face coverings} are probably enjoying a staycation on the planes of your complexion, which — when combined with a hot, steamy environment — is probably throwing your skin into a {maskne}-induced meltdown. That’s why we’re obsessed with {Scientia’s} new and exclusive {Green Supreme CBD Vegi-Tox Rescue Mask}. Made to combat breakouts, dullness and uneven skin tone, it purifies, brightens and nourishes with a full menu of greens. Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and omegas, it cocktails kale with aloe, CBD, broccoli, pistachio, kiwi and avocado — pumping skin with vitamins and minerals while clay detoxifies and exfoliates without stripping.


Serving skin its daily portion of fruit, the {Superfood Fruit Vinegar Liquid Glow} by {Elemis} feeds the complexion with a sweet cocktail of apple vinegar, apricot and peach to deliver brighter, healthier, clearer-looking skin. Making for a fortifying pick-me-up when out and about on hot summer days, it also serves as a toner — inspiring brighter times with AHA-rich fruit vinegars and prebiotics to gently exfoliate skin and care for its microbiome. Pollution-induced grime? We don’t know her…


Yes, it’s sunny and yes, that mean’s your face is usually wet with sweat, but that doesn’t mean you can skip out on {moisturising}. Hydration is an essential part of any routine; it ensures skin doesn’t overproduce oils (and therefore, produce pimples), by keeping your moisture barrier in check. Made with distressed skin in mind, the five-star-rated {Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturiser} by {FARMACY} is cruelty-free and gives your skin a healthy, dewy glow via a blend of plant-based ceramides, antioxidant-rich buckwheat honey and sweet fig.



Humeara Mohamed

Humeara Mohamed

Junior Copywriter

Humeara is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. A self-professed ‘beauty obsessive’ (no, really, you should see her excessive selection of serums), she can usually be found somewhere rattling on about sunscreens or showering in green eyeshadows. Her other hobbies include knitting, sleeping and walking her saluki through Hampstead Heath.