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Brainchild of British make up artist Arabella Preston and entrepreneur Charlotte Semler, VOTARY was born out of a desire to create luxurious skin care using cruelty-free premium plant oils and botanical extracts. Blended by the co-founder herself, in small batches, the brand’s collection is filled with everyday staples that sink effortlessly into your complexion to deliver an enviable glow.



After blending pure plant oils to cleanse her own skin, make up artist Arabella Preston was so thrilled by the power of her homemade remedies that she teamed up with friend and entrepreneur, Charlotte Semler, to create VOTARY. Amazed by the way that complexions reacted to her potent potions, the duo began to create cleansing oils before going on to develop facial oils, masks, serums and deeply hydrating moisturisers too!


Having worked as a make up artist and beauty editor, Arabella Preston has always had a passion for beautiful skin. Beginning with creating her own oil cleansers to use on herself and her clients, she was impressed by how well they sank into skin, and the base they created for make up application. Her friend and business partner Charlotte Semler pushed her to share these concoctions with more than just her clients, and thus VOTARY was born.


We’rd elighted that VOTARY has joined our range of Cult Conscious beauty products and has been awarded a Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Proof Point, a Female-Led Business Proof Point and a B-Corporation Proof Point from our third-party verifier Provenance. This means that VOTARY has been assessed for its social and environmental performance, charitable donations and employee benefits to make sure that they align with the core principles of the company.