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Sets appeal: the best bundles in beauty right now

Best friend’s birthday in a week? There’s a {make up duo} for that. Planning a holiday for post-pandemic life? There’s a plane-friendly {travel} set for that. Don’t know where to start with a {skin care} routine? There’s a starter {kit} for that. Whatever the issue or occasion, we’ve got a bundle of joy to throw your way.


If, like many, you’ve been stretched with stress via homeschooling the kids, working full time and generally staying sane during lockdown, don’t even think about passing on {Therapie’s} {Discovery Kit}. Boasting five of Michelle Roques-O’Neil’s aromatherapeutic blends, this collection helps to keep you feeling ‘zen’ – promoting positivity, encouraging mental clarity and guaranteeing deep and dreamless sleep. Consider it the ultimate quintet of calm.

If the thought of travelling again makes you feel a bit queasy, make your journey a little less nerve-wracking with the {Discover de Mamiel Kit} by {de Mamiel} in your carry-on. Not only will the potent (and aromatherapeutic) products soothe weather-beaten skin while rehydrating chapped lips, healing grazes and relieving bites and stings if needed, but the {Altitude Oil} is ideal for bringing the mind into balance when aboard a plane. Its soothing, antiviral and antibacterial cocktail of essential oils is especially blended to stitch in-flight nerves and fight cabin fevers.


Move over Cinderella, glass slippers are outdated – glass skin is the only kind of ‘glass’ we need in this story. Thanks to {Glow Recipe’s} super-cute edit of brightening, dew-boosting heroes, the {Glass Skin Set} will illuminate your skin with a quad of bestsellers that prep, purify and perfect via exfoliating enzymatic {cleansers}, an antioxidant-rich {serum} and an über-hydrating {moisturiser}.

If you’re looking for the one, this is it. A top-to-toe kit that does it all, {The Littles Hair + Body Kit 2.0} nourishes strands, keeps underarms clean, gets your body glowing and comes with branded, limited-edition merch for all {Drunk Elephant} devotees in need of a fairy tale ending.

When midnight hits and you have to head home, the {Night In Kit} will keep you in good company. Starring single portions of {patchology’s} most-loved masks, fall in love over and over again via their {PoshPeel PediCure}, Just Let It Glow Sheet Mask, {Perfect Ten Self-Warming Hand Mask}, {FlashPatch Illuminating Eye Gel}, {moodpatch Chill Mode} and {FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gel}.

Or, if you’d like a bit of {make up} to enter the story, allow us to introduce you to the new {Best of IT Set}. The ultimate kit for all IT Cosmetics lovers – or anyone, really – it combines seven beauty heroes within one handy, limited-edition IT Cosmetics make up bag. With a {Confidence in a Cleanser}, {Confidence in a Cream}, {Confidence in your Beauty Sleep Night Cream} and {Your Skin But Better Setting Spray} all making an appearance, your skin will be squeaky-clean, supple, renewed and ready to face each day. And don’t worry, your {brows}, {lashes} and {brushes} won’t miss out on the action – the {Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil}, {Superhero Mascara} and {IT’s Your Brush Love} all have starring roles too.


As the name suggests, the {Best-Selling Mask Set} from {fresh} boasts a trio of bestselling treatments that work to upgrade your skin care and self-care routines. With heroes you’ll find in the cabinets of every die-hard ‘skintellectual’, this kit utilises tried-and-tested ingredients like rose and black tea to provide comfort and support against the elements whenever you need it. Got a hot date? Reach for the {Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask} for a swift pick-me-up. Looking dull and tired? Bed the {Black Tea Overnight Mask}. Need a soothing respite? The {Rose Face Mask} is your gal.

If you’re coveting a bright-eyed appearance but are struggling to fake-awake, the exclusive {Eye Care Kit} from {BIOEFFECT} will have your eyes looking well-rested and alert in no time at all. Powered by hyaluronic acid and glycerin, the ultra-hydrating {Eye Mask Treatments} work to ease puffiness, rebalance moisture levels, brighten and plump. The other half of the duo – the infamous {EGF Serum} – tackles fine lines and bolsters skin’s thickness via the brand’s unique barley-derived epidermal growth factor that supplements your body’s own supply.





Humeara Mohamed

Humeara Mohamed

Junior Copywriter

Humeara is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. A self-professed ‘beauty obsessive’ (no, really, you should see her excessive selection of serums), she can usually be found somewhere rattling on about sunscreens or showering in green eyeshadows. Her other hobbies include knitting, sleeping and walking her saluki through Hampstead Heath.