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Psychodermatology: The New Beauty Buzz Term Worth Knowing About

older model with a towel on her head she is using a face roller on her facef you hadn’t heard the latest word to be added to the beauty dictionary, psychodermatology is the act of taking a ritualistic approach to your {skin care} rituals. Think: slowing down your day and reconnecting with yourself and your skin. Whether or not you stay tuned into the latest beauty buzz terms, simply finding ways to start and end your day with intention can only improve your mood, and in turn, your skin. Whether that’s taking a few moments to focus on your breath as you perform your daily skin care routine or repeating positive affirmations while brushing your {teeth}, the smallest act can make the biggest difference to your sense of self.

Stress can manifest itself on our skin in the form of {breakouts}, {dry skin} and flare-ups of conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Plus, at this time of year with the drawn out days of winter and Seasonal Affective Disorder plaguing many of us, it’s more important than ever to take the time to look after ourselves; in small yet significant ways. And while many factors affect these conditions, psychodermatology can be a feel-good way to give a mood-boosting makeover our exisiting skin care rituals. Before your start to fret that you need to carve out time in your day that simply doesn’t exist, we’d like to reassure you that these little rituals can be woven into your current day-to-day routine.

What better place to start caring for your skin — and your wellbeing — than with your daily cleansing rituals. As you massage your {cleanser} (we have a penchant for Alpha-H‘s {Melting Moment Cleansing Balm}) over your contours and start to break down the grime of the day, why not slow it down and take the time to notice how your skin feels… breathe in the uplifting scent of your cleanser… knead the nooks and crannies where the stress of the day is holding on…

As you acknowledge how your skin is feeling you might notice a build-up of tension you didn’t even realise was there in your jawline or temples. Take to your knuckles and massage out knots along your jawline, moving to your fingers in soothing sweeping motions down your neck. Finish this ritualistic massage at your shoulders to ease out the last remaining tension you might be holding onto. This need not take more than a minute or two of your precious time, but it can make all the difference to your mood and help you switch off from your day. The perfect reminder for your brain that it’s time to relax and decompress.

And we’re not the only ones who are championing the elevation of those everyday moments. {de Mamiel’s} ritualistic formulas all work around the three EPiC pillars of stress: emotional, physical and cellular. The latest skin-saving creation to land on our virtual shelves from this holistic brand is the {Fatigue Fix} — the key to preventing the effects that stress wreaks on your skin and restoring a lit-from-within radiance. Stress can show itself in multiple ways in your skin, from a dull appearance to a compromised barrier… so allow this skin-saving serum to help you solve your woes. Brimming with bio-fermented minerals that oxygenate and energise your skin tissues, and deeply hydrating multi-molecular hyaluronic acid and peptide-rich rock samphire that strengthens weak skin barriers, this will boost your complexion and restore your glow. As you massage this aromatic treatment into your visage, take a moment to inhale the calming scent; triggering your senses to de-stress.

Another brand known for its focus on the crossover between science and sensoriality is {Odacité}. Known for their targeted treatment tinctures that boast unctuous textures, and soothing aromas, these symbiotic creations care for your spirit as well as your skin. If you’re looking for a way to elevate your wind-down rituals, the {All-Embracing Serum} is an incredibly luxurious and calming place to start. Supercharged with a concentration of botanical actives and infused with amethyst crystals, it cocoons your complexion with a veil of thirst-quenching hydration while making the perfect accompaniment to your night-time massage. If you want to take your self care rituals up a notch, look to their collection of Gua Sha’s from {Rose Quarts} to {Green Aventurine}. Each carefully crafted stone has been picked for its mood-boosting properties, so choose which most aligns with your needs. Feel your stresses melt away as you sculpt and smooth your skin and absorb the positive energies these healing stones possess.

Make 2023 the year that you focus on your skin care self care, and find small ways to tend to your skin as well as your mood. Just watch as your skin and wellbeing go from strength to strength…

Natalie Cohn

Natalie Cohn

Junior Copywriter

Natalie is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Ingredient-focused and all about the details, she loves researching products to understand how and why they work. When she’s not talking to you (or anyone who that will listen!) about skin barrier health and the ultra-important role of your microbiome, you will normally find her curled up with a good book and a cup of tea – you can’t take the girl out of Yorkshire – or scouting out dogs to pet at the beach in her hometown of Brighton. If there had to be one product she would want everyone to use it would be a good, daily SPF, the basis of any great skin care routine …you can thank her later!