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Build a sustainable skin care routine with these Cult Conscious heroes

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At first glance, being a {skin care}lover and an eco-warrior can seem at odds with each other: your eyes light up when a new {vitamin C} {serum}hits the scene buuuut you’re barely 10 pumps into your current obsession. You’ve got a back-up {cleanser}for your back-up but alas, the {Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm} has finally come back in stock. You’ve perfected your {hair care}routine but hellooo, the {Sachajuan Hair Perfume} is calling your name (and why wouldn’t you want your tresses smelling divine?!) It’s like being caught between a rock and a hard place. But what if we told you that you can have your beauty and – metaphorically – eat it?

Before you get to splurging on your wishlist, it doesn’t hurt to use up what you already have and gift away the goodies you won’t use — don’t listen to the voice in your head saying you might need it… chances are, you won’t. Start out small; from vegan and cruelty-free brands to recyclable ranges and companies giving back, switch out the key steps in your routine for our Cult Conscious heroes backed by transparency tech-platform Provenance


Know what’s better than a face free of impurities? An even ‘cleaner’ cleanser. A veritable favourite that has crossed the threshold of every beauty lover’s cabinet, the Youth To The People {Superfood Cleanser}is as green as they come. Housed in a recyclable glass bottle, this eco-conscious hero is packed with kale, spinach and vitamins C, E and K to feed your skin with essential fatty acids and moisture, alongside clearing away any remains of the day. 100% vegan and committed to consciously formulating plant-powered products, trust Youth To The People to bring you over to the green side.

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Sometimes you find the things you need in the most unlikely of places. Case in point? The Conserving Beauty {Conserve You Face Oil.} Delivering high levels of moisture and nourishment without a drop of water, this non-greasy facial oil is brimming with a luxe blend of oils and vitamin E to soothe irritation and protect against environmental aggressors. Taking the beauty world by storm with their waterless formulas and dissolvable make up wipes, Conserving Beauty sustainably manages their water, carbon and waste output, reinventing the lifecycle of beauty products from bottle to box.


We could harp on about how sunscreen is essential all year round but as a fellow beauty obsessive, we’re sure you know. What may have escaped your notice is that while we need shelter from the sun, coral reefs need protection from our favourite sun saviours. That’s where the Supergoop! {Unseen Sunscreen SPF 30} comes in. This weightless, undetectable and scentless sunscreen leaves a velvety-finish on skin and an even better finish on the environment as Supergoop! take pride in using only clean, reef-friendly ingredients, avoiding oxybenzone, octinoxate and 1600+ other ingredients on their ‘No List’.

Sustainable beauty is a multi-faceted world that is still in pursuit of perfection, so don’t fret! Now that you’ve laid down the foundation, discover more Cult Conscious must-haves to continue building the eco-conscious routine you’ve always envisaged…



Nasreen Osman

Nasreen Osman

Junior Copywriter

Nasreen is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Her time spent in East Asia sparked a renewed interest in skin care and it’s been a constant in her life ever since! Her Holy Grail product? SPF, of course. During the day, you can find Nasreen at her local coffee shop having the chats about anything from travel and skin care to cats and Korean music.