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Why You Need a Co-wash

Why You Need a Co-Wash

Curly gurlz rejoice! Living Proof’s latest launch is aimed specifically at those with tousled waves to corkscrews (and every curl between) to enhance definition, eliminate frizz and maximise manageability. A particularly leonine friend of mine was fretting about finding some way to tame her famously unwilling mane (she’s getting married in two weeks). I handed her the {Curl Conditioning Wash} and {Curl Detangling Rinse} to try – and her reaction was true testament to Living Proof’s amazing efficacy. She awarded the curl rinse 5 (hard-earned) ‘thumbs up’ emojis in a recent whatsapp chat, and was sufficiently impressed to cement this high praise with a selfie, showcasing a gorgeous head of frizz-free, glossy ringlets.

A burgeoning hair care category, ‘Co-Washing’ is most-definitely a ‘thing’. The premise is quite simple – instead of shampooing and conditioning, a co-wash does it all – eliminating oils and build up while infusing fragile hair with precious moisture. Curls are notoriously delicate (the cashmere sweaters of the hair care world), so it’s important to promote their elasticity and ‘stretch’. Living Proof’s sulphate-free formula stars the brand’s patented ‘Healthy Hair Molecule’ – a pioneering molecule which cloaks each strand with a weightless shield – to ward against the ravages wrought by hard water, heat styling and everyday environmental stresses, while actively repelling dirt to keep hair cleaner, longer. An optimised cocktail of hydrating and fortifying polymers then works to deliver long-lasting, frizz free separation for a tumbling mane of glossy waves.


Living Proof Curl Range

Although not ‘curly’, my long, thick locks are notoriously tatty (and a bit Medusa-esque – they definitely have a will of their own), so I was eager to give the {Curl Detangling Rinse} a whirl. With a jelly-esque texture, this applies to wet hair after washing – just ‘comb’ through with your fingertips before rinsing. The effects were almost instantaneous – not only did my hair feel ‘squeaky’ clean, but brushed through really easily without a single snag. My hair felt silky and more maneagble – a bit like when it’s blow-dried (which it definitely wasn’t).

The third musketeer in the quest for curl-fection is the leave-in {Curl Defining Styling Cream} – a lightweight conditioning treatment that delivers flexible hold without compromising ‘bounce’. It’s been painstakingly developed to control tempestuous tresses whilst enhancing your natural curl pattern for enviable, frizz-free coils and ringlets. Here come the curlz…


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Verity Douglas

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