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101 Guide To Humanrace

Anya Elliman
Writer and expert28 days ago
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A wide shot of Humanrace's Three-Minute Facial skin care products floating in a studio setting on a grey backdrop.

Most of you may know Pharrell Williams for his skilful songwriting, some of you for his fashion… but how about celebrating him for his enviable complexion? Alongside his many talents, the American creative is constantly questioned about his successful skin care regime. So back in 2020, when he debuted his very own skin care line under the name Humanrace, it brought music to our ears. 

Intrigued? Us too, that’s why we’ve uncovered everything you need to know about the brand – and its passion for preserving skin health. 


On a mission to revolutionise the concept of wellbeing through thoughtfully crafted and innovative products that become daily routines, Humanrace believes that nothing is more important to humanity than self care. Brainchild of songwriter, singer, fashion designer and skin care enthusiast Pharrell Williams and his personal dermatologist Dr Elena Jones, the brand puts forward the idea that taking better care of ourselves can teach us to take better care of each other. Made up of award-winning complexion and body care products, the beauty line is rooted in the duo’s 25-year skin care journey. Formulated with high standards of efficacy to deliver results, Humanrace makes achieving a happy, hydrated complexion easy and efficient for all – with the signature Three-Minute Facial leading the way.  


Humanrace’s initial inception happen back in 2016, not with skin care but with a pair of Pharrell Williams' trainers. While labelling his limited-edition footwear range ‘Humanrace’ at ComplexCon, he was asked endless questions about his self care and skin care secrets.  Sparking the idea to create his own beauty line out of his own wellbeing experiences, Pharrell joined forces with his personal dermatologist, Dr Elena Jones, to dream up an easy and effective routine that improves your skin and wellness, and the planet. Launching with just three products, Humanrace skin care debuted its line in 2020. 


Born on the belief that a skin care routine is only as effective as your commitment to it, Humanrace creates a focused collection without any unnecessary steps. Allowing you to get the maximum benefits from the time you invest in your skin, its formulas boost balance, confidence and stability. What’s more, looking beyond our daily skin care routines, Humanrace’s solutions symbolise good habits that benefit the mind, body and soul too. Understanding that the things we surround ourselves with have a powerful impact on navigating our life, the brand’s products adopt these same values. By this we mean they’re made to be functional, of good quality and to bring joy to your regime. With that in mind, Humanrace’s collection is considered a necessity… as well as a luxury.  


Aptly named The Three-Minute Facial, Humanrace’s signature renowned routine is designed to take (you guessed it) three minutes. Dreamt up with simple steps and effective ingredients, it consists of the ultimate triple threat, to boost a healthy and hydrated complexion.  


Kickstarting your routine, Humanrace’s Rice Powder Cleanse balances and brightens complexions on the daily. Bursting with fruit AHAs to gently exfoliate and melt away make up, dirt and any impurities (without stripping moisture), the transformative powder-to-foam formula is dual-functioning to clean your complexion while smoothing and clarifying for radiant results. What’s more, with the addition of rice powder, the blend is fine enough not to cause tears in the skin and is then blended with 51% kaolin clay to create the ideal canvas for the rest of your routine.  

How to use: Shake a coin-sized amount of powder into a damp palm. Rub your hands together to create a rich foam lather before massaging in circular motions over your face. Rinse with lukewarm water and repeat both morning and night. 


Removing dead cells to make room for new skin to surface, exfoliation is important for your complexion’s overall health. As an innovative triple-acting formula, Humanrace's Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator is powered by an 8% glycolic acid to reveal radiance and contains physical exfoliants that aren’t noticeable within the texture to avoid irritation. Melding 2% fruit AHAs, pumpkin, papaya, and pomegranate enzymes with apple extract and antioxidant lotus leaf, it also shields skin against UV rays and any other environmental stressors (wind, pollution and free radicals, we’re looking at you).  

How to use:Gently massage 2-3 pumps in circular motions on clean, damp skin, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water. Exfoliate 2 or 3 time a week, adjusting your routine to your skin’s response. 


Mimicking the replenishing effects that humidity in tropical environments have on complexions, Humanrace’s Humidifying Face Cream retains moisture for up to 12 hours, leaving skin soft, supple, and super nourished. Responding to your dermis’ unique needs, the adaptogenic formula fuses snow mushroom extract, hyaluronic acid and plant-based squalane to relieve dryness and prevent the loss of hydration.  

How to use: Gently massage cream onto clean skin for balanced hydration that adapts to your unique skin type. Apply evenly to face and neck, morning and night. 


Committed to challenging industry standards and putting the people and the planet first, Humanrace is a proud member of our Cult Conscious collection. Powered by our third-party verifier, Provenance, the brand has been awarded a Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free, EWG Verified and Clinically Tested Proof Points. Not only have all its products have been tested and passed the required safety testing, but they’re also formed of natural and clinical-graded ingredients. What to learn more about these certification... why not head over to our What Is Cult Conscious guide? 

A zoomed in shot of a model's hand popping out and refilling his Humanrace's Humidifying Cream skin care,on a white background.


And if all that wasn’t enough, ensuring you never need to be without your skin care saviour, the brand’s products operate with a pop-and-go refill system. With the inner units made of over 50% post-consumer recycled landfill plastic, the packaging can be pushed out of its green base and replenished in seconds. A practice to be proud of, by refilling skin care products instead of replacing them, they help contribute to a significant reduction in single-use plastics and packaging waste. Need we say more? 


So, there you have it, now you know everything about Humanrace’s streamlined skin care selection, it’s time to give your complexion the daily dedication it needs to boost balance, confidence, and stability. Alexa play, ‘Happy’… 

Anya Elliman
Writer and expert
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Anya is one of Cult Beauty’s Junior Copywriters. A huge lover of all things skin and body care, time spent intently researching product ingredients has resulted in a mass of skin care know-how (which don’t worry, she’s more than happy to share). When Anya's not treating herself to a new Maison Margiela fragrance or Aesop hand cream, you'll find her at the latest natural wine bar with friends, buying a new book (even though there is already a stack waiting), or walking through Hampstead Heath with her regular order of an almond latte.