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She’s So Cult: Bec Jefferd & Ava Matthews of Ultra Violette

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Created in the land of perpetual sunshine (yes, we’re talking about Australia, of course), by beauty alums Bec Jeffered and Ava Mathews, Ultra Violette dreams up sunscreen you want to wear every day. Creating the brand’s concept of ‘SKINSCREEN’ — AKA SPF that slots seamlessly into your routine and is packed with skin sweetening ingredients – Ultra Violette’s collection of products work effectively on their own, layered over your skin care routine and sat comfortably under your make up.  

Since the brand launched back in 2019, here at Cult Beauty we’ve been obsessed with its sun protection – from Lean Screen to the bestselling Supreme Screen and more… So, with that in mind, we’re incredibly excited to sit down with founders Bec and Ava to talk all things Ultra Violette. From the brand’s origins and skin hacks to their favourites from the collection, we asked them all our burning (but not sun burning) questions! 

Cult Beauty: Firstly, can you talk us through what prompted you both to create Ultra Violette?  

Bec Jeffered: We wanted to make SPF sexy. It’s always been the least exciting part of the beauty routine but undoubtably the most important. Sunscreen not only protects you from developing skin cancer, but it prevents up to 80% of premature aging. Let’s face it, none of those spenny serums are going to make a lasting impact if you’re undoing all their hard work by developing UV damage on the daily.  

CB: What makes the brand so unique? 

Ava Mathews: What makes Ultra Violette unique is the formulas, and the fun! All the SKINSCREENS have been designed to slip effortlessly into your beauty routine either as a true SPF or doubling up as your moisturiser and primer too.  

CB: Why were you so adamant about producing something Australian made? 

BJ: Australian-made was super important to us too because we have some of the strictest regulations in the world, which produces the best formulas. Pick up a US SPF50 sunscreen and test it to Aussie standards, you’ll get SPF15 if you’re lucky.  

AM: Australia is also at the forefront of ushering in SPF technology so we’re always using the next generation of gentle but super effective filters, making our Screens the best. Hands down. 

CB: You coined the term ‘SKINSCREEN’, can you tell us a little about how you came up with the concept and what it means to you? 

 BJ: We’re not just another sunscreen brand. Our SKINSCREENS don’t just protect your skin from long-term damage – that can usually take years to see the benefit of. All our formulas have been tailor made to instantly boost your skin with high-performance skin care actives. Kind of like a treatment or a serum.  

AM: To us, SKINSCREEN is the ultimate luxury, lightweight sunscreen that is filled with hydrating, glow-boosting and toning skin care ingredients. 

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CB: We’re super excited about your newest (and EXCLUSIVE) launch… the Queen Screen SPF50 Illuminating Super Glow Drops. Can you talk us through the inspiration behind this product? 

BJ: We’re so excited too! Super Glow Drops were born out of the desire to save time in the morning and make a truly customisable SPF. It’s not a new concept to cocktail two skin care or make up products together, but it is something that you can’t typically do with a sunscreen.  

AM: SPF works by forming a film on the skin, and when you mix moisturisers, a highlighter or bronzing drops in, it can impact that film. Leaving you with either patchy protection or no protection at all.  Super Glow Drops SPF50 however were specifically designed to mix with your UV Screens. We’ve had them made and tested to ensure they’re not diluting your protection, instead they work with it to future-proof your complexion. While the Queen Screen SPF50 Super Glow Drops in ‘Bronzing’ adds a warm, bronzy glow, the Queen Screen SPF50 Super Glow Drops in ‘Illuminating’ iteration boasts a dazzling, dewy finish finish.

CB: We know that a good SPF is the foundation to good skin, but do you have any other pearls of skin care wisdom you can bestow on us? 

BJ: Double cleansing. I know it sounds so basic but having fresh, properly clean skin is the cornerstone of your routine. All your fancy serums and moisturisers are going to do a much better job of glowing-up your complexion if they’re layered on top of clean skin. 

CB: Out of your entire skin-loving SPF range, which (if you could even pick!) can you not live without?  

AM: Like any good mother I’m going to say ‘OMG! Don’t make me choose! I simply cannot pick, I love them all equally’. But also like any mother, of course I have my favourite and that is the Supreme Screen SPF50+. It’s one of the few formulas that hasn’t changed since launch because it really does stand the test of time. It has a luxe satin finish is weightless on the skin and is hydrating and brightening thanks to its fusion of  pentivitin kakadu plum. After all, supreme is our bestseller for a reason. 

CB: And finally, what more can we expect from Ultra Violette and where do you see the brand going in the future? 

 BJ: More of what we do best… SKINSCREENS! We’re filling out the gaps in our range so that everyone can future-proof their face, no matter their skin type and tone.  

AM: Keep your eyes peeled for a come-back of regal proportions and a fluid you won’t believe is zinc! 

Thank you, Ava and Bec – we can’t wait to get our hands on the Super Glow Drops!  



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