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Our editor talks through the spring trends to have on your radar

Increasingly transient, trends come and go in a blink thanks to TikTok. Gone are the days of a handful of powers-that-be setting trends for the season ahead — now we’re consistently served a fresh way to wear {blush} or a derm-approved route to the ultimate glow — and there’s no need to wait for six months.  

Recently staking their claim to our Instagram feeds, I’ve picked a few buzz-terms that look like they could stick around past your morning espresso. Easy to try and readily adaptable (dial them up or down depending on your beauty bravery), discover the {skin}, {hair} and {make up} trends garnering limitless ‘likes’. 

Skin Flooding 

asian model holding a good light cleanser, she has green hair and is sticking her tongue out with super dewy skin

All about ‘flooding’ your skin with light layers of moisture, skin flooding saturates cells to not only create a fresh, dewy effect, but to bolster skin’s {barrier function}. Think sandwiching the likes of {hyaluronic acid}, panthenol and glycerin with {ceramides} to fill cells’ precious reservoirs then ‘seal’ the goodness in to mitigate trans-epidermal water loss. Like reviving a sad-looking plant, consider this method a drink for dry, post-winter skin — and it couldn’t be simpler. Just choose a light {serum} that’s rich in humectants (check out some options below), and slather all over damp skin after cleansing (humectants behave like a sponge so they draw the residual water back into your skin). Follow with a mist and finish with your ‘top coat’ — a creamy {moisturiser} rich in ceramides (or similar — oils and nut butters, for example) to lock it all in while protecting your face from the elements.  


model with blusher

The perfect opportunity to be your inner prima ballerina, balletcore’s all about putting a sugarplum spin on your beauty for spring. Think: soft, rosy tones and a sprinkle of shimmer to put a jeté in your (ballet) step. Pared-back and pretty, this look is romantic and virtually effortless — just sweep your hair up in a neat ballet bun ({satin scrunchie}, obligatory), lace your lids with pearly shadow then complete the look with lipstick in a nearly-nude — or frosted — hue. We’ll see you at the barre 

Facial Massage 

model using a kitsch face roller

Not a ‘trend’ per se, but massage is certainly having a moment. Part of the general ‘slow beauty’ approach to prolonging skin’s health by supporting its framework, the right massage needn’t take long (but it could be the perfect excuse to unwind and indulge in some ‘me time’) — just five minutes kneading your jawline and lifting your brow helps to ease daily tension while treating your face to a stint in the gym. You might choose to work with your hands (here’s a guide from trained dancer-turned-facialist, Su-Man Hsu), or you might prefer one of our specialist tools. From {gua sha} to rollers, we’ve plenty of aids to depuff as they subtly sculpt and promote circulation.  


model with pinky blush

The ‘80s called. They want their {blusher} back… When it comes to trends, what goes around comes around and its currently blusher that’s having its cyclical stint in the spotlight. Applied high on the cheekbones and swept up and out to your temples, ‘draping’ creates the illusion of ‘lift’ and makes for an effortless statement — just dial up the drama by choosing a colour-pop coral or look-at-me fuchsia — and finish by blending it over your lids for an iconic monochrome ‘moment’. Paying homage to the likes of Grace Jones, Jerry Hall and Boy George (preach), draping is a playful way to strrrrrreeeeeeetch your make up comfort zone: you can push it as much (or as little) as you like, and it’s easy to dial up the drama. 

Hair Slugging 

oil coming out of a bottle

Sounds gross but works wonders, ‘hair slugging’ treats longer hair to the nourishment needed to keep it in TikTok condition. A hack that emerged on the social media platform, #HairSlugging — much like its skin care equivalent — involves smothering strands with replenishing moisture before shoving lengths in a bonnet (or sock) overnight. All you need is a hair oil or leave-in conditioning treatment, a sock (ankle or knee-high, depending on how long your hair is) and a scrunchie to keep things secure. The sock allows all of the goodness to work unencumbered — penetrating strands to smooth and soften while promoting shine and aiding separation. Just focus the oil on the mid-lengths to ends steering clear of your roots — and invest in a silk pillowcase to protect against breakage and further enhance the strand-smoothing effects. 

Return of the Matte 

asian model with a matte foundation

It feels like we’ve all been pursuing impossibly glossy skin for the best part of a decade — dewy, then ‘glassy’, then ‘glazed’, then ‘dolphin’… the goal has become ever more otherworldly — but matte is now making a comeback with bases, concealers and blushers that lend a soft, velvety finish that’s matte but not flat. It’s all about keeping it real with skin-mimicking textures — switching light-scattering fluids and gels for soft, buttery bases and matte, mousse-like blushers. You can also try techniques like ‘under-painting’: applying your colour cosmetics (blush, contour and highlight etc.) beneath your foundation to soften the impact and make for a more realistic result. 



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Verity Douglas

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