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Laura Mercier’s Foundation Has Arrived To Fill Your Make Up Void

When Laura Mercier launch a {foundation}, the beauty world stands to attention. Forever finessing the ultimate base, their latest creation is right for right now — marrying long-wear results with a buffet of skin-beneficial ingredients.  

laura mercier foundation in 4 different shades and three lipsticks against a pink backdrop

When it comes to the {Real Flawless Foundation}, the emphasis is on the ‘real’ — this featherlight formula feels like you’re not wearing anything and has a believable blurring effect. With its medium-buildable formula, you’re able to tailor the coverage — concealing and revealing for a realistic finish (think: demi-matte but never flat).  

It’s all about enhancing what you’re blessed with — absorbing oil while delivering 24-hour hydration — this straddles the line between matte and dewy (mewy?) to emulate actual skin while minimising shine and mitigating midday ‘caking’ with its pioneering Auto Balancing Technology. Blurring bamboo silk powders and a hydro-lipid matrix work to maintain your skin’s optimal state for a healthy au naturel glow that looks good IRL (and improves your skin health over time). 

Improving skin’s texture within six weeks, the cocktail of vitamin E, camelia seed and cacao extract is packed with free radical-fighting antioxidants to deflect the damaging impact of environmental aggressors (including pollution and blue light) while supporting skin’s defences to promote a healthy barrier.  

The innovative Perfecting Colour Technology then uses high resolution pigments to counteract dullness and neutralise sallow tones for 12-hour colour-true wear. Humidity, sweat and water-resistant, the Real Flawless Foundation looks freshly applied until bedtime (whenever that happens to be): it redefines ‘perfecting’ coverage with undetectable enhancement and no risk of shade-shift. 

Smoothing, plumping and suitable for all skin types, we anticipate this will become your next ‘Holy Grail’ base — neither too much of one thing nor another, Laura Mercier has found the make up ‘sweet spot’ so prepare to meet your make up match (just call us Cupid).  




Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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