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Not Going Out-Out? Tips For The Ultimate Friday Night In

two espa candles lit on on top of two books

If there’s one thing we can be grateful to January for, it’s the slowness. The party invites come to a halt, the ‘dry-Jan’ promises are made, and we hit play on that one TV show that has been on our watchlist for over a month. For a lot of us right now, ‘ready, steady, weekend’ looks like cosy nights in spent journaling, reading a new novel or simply catching up on much-needed rest that was scarce during the party season. If, like us, you’ve found yourself longing for a Netflix-and-chill {wellbeing} evening then allow us to share our tips for the ultimate {relaxing} Friday night in.

First things first; let’s fill up the bath. If the pitter patter ASMR of heavy rain competing with the sound of running water doesn’t instantly trigger an all-consuming sense of calm, then the delicately scented aroma of L’Occitane’s {Almond Milky Bath} surely will. Lifting the tension from your limbs with its immersive blend of sweet almond and bergamot fruit oils, this stress-relieving remedy has what it takes to give FOMO the boot.

fur bath doprs

Some Fridays are perfect for soaking up the skin-softening power of Fur's {Bath Drops}. Transforming your bathtub into the only place where you’d rather be, these quick-dissolving capsules release a generous helping of clary sage oil, vitamins C, D and E and (yes, there’s more) jojoba oil which all work harmoniously together to not only feed your skin with drool-worthy moisture but exude a luxuriating scent. Famed fur their host of post-shaving staples, the Bath Drops are packed with antibacterial and astringent properties, so you know what means? Bye-bye ingrown hairs and excess sebum!

Why bother flicking through Instagram stories to check what everyone else is up to this evening when you and all your senses could be snuggled up with ESPA’s {Soothing Candle}! If there’s one thing we know for sure — this hand-poured, soy wax candle + a cosy Friday night in = a heaven-scent match. Filling your living space with a mellow blend of sandalwood, myrrh, rose geranium and frankincense, this stress-relieving remedy is just what you need to keep the good vibes going.

Whilst waves of tranquillity are being sent through your home, and your body feels irresistibly smooth, could The Inkey List {Kaolin Clay Face Mask} be the missing key to the perfect night in? Our answer is: YES! Taking a deep dive into congested pores with its oil-absorbing power, this gentle yet effective mask is an industry-adored blemish buster that’ll keep your breakouts at bay.

All that’s left to do now is simply settle down on the sofa with your favourite blanket — and comfort snacks — for a night of pure relaxation. To us, that sounds ahhh-mazing…


Precious Sodimu
Precious Sodimu Writer and expert
Precious is a Midweight Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Sticking her teeth into all things make up and skin care, Precious is always on the hunt for products that work perfectly together (while remaining loyal to her can’t-do-without staples). Like most beauty devotees, Precious doesn’t go a day without her trusted SPF 50+ and is a self-proclaimed fragrance-phile. Away from the vanity mirror, Precious can be found sat with a good book (probably by her favourite author, Toni Morrison) or nurturing her nostalgia with a quality animated film – namely Shrek.

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