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Need It Now: The Ordinary’s hair care heroes

With new beauty products fighting for our attention (and a coveted spot in our routine) every day, you’d think we’d have seen it all. But the best thing about the constant stream of new releases is that innovation is just around the corner – AKA, landing on our desks. These attention-holders are so darn good we’ve come to sum them up in just three words: Need. It. Now. That’s it, that’s all it takes to let Team Cult Beauty know they’re in the presence of greatness: the kind of product we buy in twos so we don’t run out, the formula that our friends never hear the end of.

Since they captured the beauty world with stripped-back formulas and an affordable price point, so many skin care fanatics – including us! – have long enjoyed using {The Ordinary}. Now the pharmaceutical-chic brand is set to conquer the hair care world with their new pro-sulphate line. Did we just say pro-sulphate? Gasp, we know. But The Ordinary is making a compelling case for the taboo ingredient. Intrigued? Let’s dive in…

The {4% Sulphate Cleanser for Body and Hair} may just be the first sulphate-containing 2-in-1 cleanser worth raving about. Sulphates are a type of surfactant that break down dirt, oil and water and are found in everything from your hair cleansers to household cleaning products. The argument goes that this powerful ingredient is essential for cleansing our scalps and removing all the unwanted gunk (think: dust, product residue, sebum) that builds up over time. So, why do sulphates have such a bad rep? Well, they’ve been known to be drying and cause irritation so many beauty customers avoid them! The culprit behind this effect is the use of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) but here, The Ordinary uses a modified Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES-2) at a 4% concentration – a much more mild version of SLS that reduces the risk of irritation and effectively foams up to remove dirt and grease without stripping your skin barrier. Also, for all our hair-dyeing junkies out there, it won’t fade your lush colour!  

Next up, {Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA}. If you’re feeling a sense of déjà vu right now that’s because this leave-in treatment follows in the footsteps of an OG The Ordinary skin care product – {this moisturiser} that uses a blend of {hyaluronic acid} and ceramides to deeply nourish skin and support the skin barrier. At the heart of this launch is The Ordinary’s skin care approach to healthy hair. It’s a winning recipe for our skin so why not let our scalps soak in the good stuff too?! Intended to be massaged into a clean dry scalp, this milky emulsion is a treat for under-loved skin that needs a little hydration and TLC. What’s more, by adding back moisture into your scalp, you can fend off dry flakes and maintain overall hair health.

Crucial to sealing the deal on healthy, illustrious hair is the {Behentrimonium Chloride 2% Conditioner}. This hero ingredient, behentrimonium chloride, is a multi-functional conditioning chemical that provides enough slip to manage dense hair and, thanks to a lower molecular weight than most traditional conditioners, it seamlessly coats hair from root to tip without weighing it down. Don’t let The Ordinary’s classic minimalist appearance fool you, this conditioner is all fabulous fragrance-free formula, no filler.

If you made it to the end of this mini chemistry lesson, we applaud you. Now it’s time to put the science to the test and try out this revolutionary trio for yourself…


Nasreen Osman

Nasreen Osman

Midweight Copywriter

Nasreen is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Her time spent in East Asia sparked a renewed interest in skin care and it’s been a constant in her life ever since! Her Holy Grail product? SPF, of course. During the day, you can find Nasreen at her local coffee shop having the chats about anything from travel and skin care to cats and Korean music.