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Need It Now: Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Face Palette

We often have so many cleansers, gadgets, palettes – you name it – going across our desks that we find it hard to give each and every one the undivided attention they deserve. A formula has to be on another level, earning rave reviews from the rest of the team before they even hit our virtual shelves, to truly stand out from their stellar company; these releases are so darn impressive we’ve come to sum them up in just three words: Need It Now. That’s it, that’s all it takes to let Team Cult Beauty know they’re in the presence of greatness – the kind of product we buy in twos so we don’t run out, the formula that our friends never hear the end of. One such covetable find is this limited-edition release from Anastasia Beverly Hills

The closest thing to summer you can find in a slimline compact, these phenomenal trios of blush, bronze and butter-soft highlighter pans will have you glowing in no time at all… With everything you need to emulate a two-weeks-in-the-Maldives glow, trust us when we say your make up bag needs to be introduced to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Face Palettes. Available in three summer-ready colourways, it wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest if these edits of buttery and buildable blush, bronze and highlight pans were seen under ‘irresistible’ in the dictionary…

Held in a gold-speckled, branded compact – complete with an in-built mirror for touch-ups – you can choose between three gorgeous colourways: the ‘Italian Summer’ edition features a light golden honey bronzer, a champagne-toned highlighter and a delicate peach blush to lend a just-pinched flush; the gorgeously warm ‘Off to Costa Rica’ stars a buttery bronzer in an amber-brown tone, a wonderfully vibrant coral blush and an eye-catching true gold highlighter; as for the decadently deep-toned ‘Tropical Getaway’ palette, you can play with an essential trio of rich mahogany, shimmering radiant gold and sumptuous berry tones to achieve an otherworldly glow. So, which rendition will you be opting for?


Emmie Thornhill

Emmie Thornhill

Deputy Content Editor

Emmie is Cult Beauty’s Deputy Content Editor. Her love of skin care began in primary school when she first learned the term “hormonal acne” and has been in a love-hate relationship with tea tree oil ever since. She lives in East London – where you can normally find her baking, tending to her plant jungle or planning her next tattoo or hair cut/colour appointment – and is known to start DMCs with you about your birth chart placements, the importance of wearing SPF every day and the difference between a vagina and vulva.