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Cult Beauty Brand of the Month: Glow Recipe

This is no April Fool’s ruse, we’re starting the month as we mean to glow on by dedicating our attention to fruity arrivals (and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING) on {Glow Recipe}*. Putting a fresh, stateside spin on K-Beauty, this brilliant brand’s been all over your Instagram feed and is tipped to take over your #shelfie with super-cute, fruit-infused formulas that perform (don’t be fooled by their sugary hues). 

Sure to trigger devotion, there’s no serum that’s quite as smashing as the new {Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum}: an ultra-lightweight and intensely replenishing formula that floods your skin with a buffet of good-for-you fats that restore its delicate barrier. The quick-absorbing serum diminishes redness and helps to calm where there’s chaos; when your skin is compromised, it becomes dry, dehydrated, inflamed… but this light, milky serum addresses the multiple sources of redness while strengthening skin’s moisture barrier – making it great if you’re sensitive-skinned, or you’ve overdone sun, acids (anything that leaves your face inflamed). 

Yet to make Glow Recipe’s acquaintance? Look no further than their bestselling, sorbet-toned {Watermelon Sleeping Mask} – a brightening overnight treatment that works while you slumber to loosen dead cells and reveal ultra-smooth and incredibly luminous skin. Currently paired with an adorable sleep mask to upgrade your Zzzs and ensure you get more from your much-needed rest, don’t miss these keys to the sleep of your dreams.

And there is plenty more where that came from! We don’t like to boast but we’ve secured some major skin care coups – just make sure you’re following us on {Instagram}, {facebook} and {twitter} to keep up to speed with the latest news, launches and super-cool happenings… 


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