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Last Updated: 19/07/2023

If our eyes are the windows to our soul then our brows must be the curtains, right? More than just a surface area of hair taking space on our foreheads, our eyebrows form the ultimate frame for our faces. After our base routine, this is arguably the most important step requiring tongue-out-and-strained-stare concentration to perfect the sculpt.

Before we get into perfecting those arches, we need to work on soothing, smoothing and strengthening those thick or sparse hairs. Enter: Benefit and its new line up of brow loving products.  

model applying brow serum to her thick eyebrow

First up, let us introduce you to the Hubba Brow Growth Serum. Fusing provitamin B5 to condition and add shine with biotin to stimulate and strengthen strands, this gentle serum (that’s ophthalmologist approved, FYI) promises to enhance your brow volume in just four weeks!  

While we’re at it, why not give your brows some overnight lovin’, with the Whoa So Soft Brow Oil. Infused with argan oil and sunflower oil, this fatty acid rich leave-in conditioner moisturises while you snooze. Plus, with the addition of hibiscus flower and safflower extracts, to make your skin feel comfortable and soothed, you’ll wake up to deeply conditioned eyebrows come 7am… 

Now are you ready to enter a whole new brow era? Take your arches to new heights with Benefit‘s Fluff Up Brow Wax: a clear-drying cream-wax that delivers texture, 12-hour flexible hold and a supremely fluffy finish.

From the brow connoisseurs that need no introduction whatsoever, Benefit ceaselessly innovate, finding new, wonderful ways to make our eyebrows… better. That’s why their Fluff Up Brow Wax is no exception to the rule thanks to its conditioning formula powered by shea butter, jojoba seed oil and argan oil which work harmoniously together to nourish each and every strand of hair. Equipped with an expertly designed bristle brush that allows this buildable formula to plump, fluff and lift your hairs, what’s not to love?

Calling all bleached, full-bodied, super fine and mono brows forward… Offering everything from waxes to gels and incredible pencils, what would our beauty bags be without the brow-sculpting arch angel that is Anastasia Beverly HillsBrow Freeze? If DIY hacks aren’t your strong suit and you desperately want to try your hand at that laminated brow look you’ve seen allllll over your feed, this transparent styling wax is made for you! Designed to latch onto rogue hairs growing in every direction without leaving a still finish in its stead, this mess-, residue- and flake-free formula is a must for easy application.

Milk Makeup’s KUSH Fiber Brow Gel is perfect for those whose eyebrows like to roam… taming stray hairs as it ‘fattens’ each strand with a cloak of conditioning colour that holds as it adds va-va-volume and hides any over-plucked patches. With fibres (they’re heart-shaped!) to maximise thickness for bold, bushy arches *le sigh*, this gel is quick and next-to-effortless – just comb it through and promptly forget that your eyebrows exist. Until the compliments, that is…

Like the ‘laminate’ look? Enter: Patrick Ta’s brilliant Major Brow Shaping Wax that lets you lift, smooth and ‘fan out’ your eyebrows to quickly create a cool, editorial effect. With two shades to choose from – clear or a universally flattering brown – this subtly amps up the fullness for brows that will give Patrick’s posse of fluffy-browed beauties a run for their ‘arch angel’ crowns… (sorry Gigi).

Home to three sought-after brow heroes, Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Cheat, Brow Lift and Brow Fix will help to effortlessly enhance, lift and set your shape. Here to help you cheat your way to fuller, thicker brows, these stay-all-day tools are smudge, humidity, sweat and waterproof. Invest in one or all three to see the results for yourself…



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