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Supersize Me: The very best XL beauty products to stock up on

If you’re anything like us, the moment you discover a firm favourite beauty product you’re adding it straight to your basket in preparation for your current batch running out. Plus, when it gets to your products final days, you’ll do anything to squeeze, scoop or drain every last drop of product out of the hard-to-reach crevices before you move onto the shiny, new replacement.

But what if we told you that you can now buy XL versions of your favourites meaning less {packaging}, a purse-friendly saving and more of your go-to favourite. Where do we sign up? Simply bookmark this page to discover the latest supersize and jumbo releases and read on to discover a few of our favourites…

First up, to celebrate {fresh} as our Cult Brand of the Month throughout June, we’ve launched a jumbo size of fresh’s cult classic {Soy Face Cleanser} which has been supersized from 150ml to 400ml! Boasting a 30% saving and an easy-to-use push-pump bottle, you won’t regret adding this to your bathroom shelfie.

New to this brand bestseller? This beautiful {cleanser} gently and effectively lifts away {make up} and impurities, while balancing and nourishing your skin. The pH-balanced gel is infused with soy proteins, which are rich in amino acids that help to maintain a healthy visage, not to mention calming cucumber extract, nourishing borage seed oil and balancing rosewater.

Next up, it’s {Olaplex}’s Holy Grail hair care hero – their {No 3 Hair Perfector} – we strongly recommend you invest in – especially now during the global lockdown where we need to be looking after our locks as best we can – while we (I’m)patiently wait to see our hairdressers and colourists again. Jumping from 100ml to 250ml, the supersize version of this product also boasts a healthy 20% saving!

A once-a-week, at-home treatment, this silky fluid reforms shattered hair bonds in between your salon or styling sessions, so you can carry on maintaining your favourite hair colour and style without the worry of damaging your locks beyond repair. The star ingredient is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate – sounds science-y but it will strengthen and repair damage post-colouring, bleaching or heat styling (or even if you’ve never tainted your locks with colour or tongs!) Use as a leave-in, overnight treatment or as a luxe 10-minute pre-wash treatment and see the incredible results for yourself.

Last but by no means least, our third and final favourite supersize to grace our online shelves is The Ordinary’s {Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%}. Double the size of the original, this is perfect for those who use this twice daily and never want to be without its multi-tasking abilities.

Harnessing the power of niacinamide and zinc – with a surprisingly small price tag – this potent {serum} is perfect for quashing {blemishes}, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. A must-have for battling breakouts, it regulates sebum production to minimise the look of pores and reduce blemish-causing bacteria, keeping your complexion clear, calm and collected. A superlative skin improver, niacinamide boosts the skin’s immunity and improves moisture retention, while a brilliant shot of zinc PCA works to repair damaged skin and promote the creation of collagen.


Emmie Thornhill

Emmie Thornhill

Deputy Content Editor

Emmie is Cult Beauty’s Deputy Content Editor. Her love of skin care began in primary school when she first learned the term “hormonal acne” and has been in a love-hate relationship with tea tree oil ever since. She lives in East London – where you can normally find her baking, tending to her plant jungle or planning her next tattoo or hair cut/colour appointment – and is known to start DMCs with you about your birth chart placements, the importance of wearing SPF every day and the difference between a vagina and vulva.