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Top tips for detoxing your bathroom cabinet

Keen to clean up your act? Detox an overflowing bathroom cabinet and choose good-for-you ingredients with our edit of {Farm to Face} essentials…

{Cleanse clever}

Create a capsule cleansing wardrobe and dispose of half-used bottles. You need an oil (to melt make up), then a balm or a cream to deep-clean your complexion and infuse your face with much-needed moisture. Try to avoid too much mixing and matching – most products take time to be beneficial, so stick to any regime for at least two weeks. Then if something’s not working, donate it to someone deserving and try something new. Be RUTHLESS.

MV Organic Skincare’s {9 Oil Cleansing Tonic} is bursting with plant oils to loosen-up dirt (and enhance elasticity), while de Mamiel’s {Atmosphériques Cleansing Dew} is packed with antioxidants to neutralise free radicals – cleansing and defending your complexion from the everyday environmental onslaught.

Follow with your second-step cleanser – something that’s ‘right’ for your skin type, to correct as it cleanses. May Lindstrom’s {The Honey Mud Cleansing Silk} stars raw honey – it’s naturally antibacterial, to calm and clarify congested complexions – while Tata Harper’s {Purifying Cleanser} absorbs excess oil to leave skin feeling clean and serene.

Throw out anything that’s loaded with benzoly peroxide – it’s way too dehydrating for most skin types (and can exacerbate imbalance so you’re more prone to breakouts), and avoid sulphates where possible – they’re surfactants which cause gels to ‘foam’, but are often incredibly stripping – dispose of anything that makes your face feel ‘tight’.

{Toner up}

Contrary to popular belief, toning is not about removing residue but pre-treating your skin ahead of serum – think ‘essence’ as opposed to typical (often alcohol-based) toning formulas. May Lindstrom’s {The Jasmine Garden} is a heavenly-scented, mood-elevating blend, that replenishes cells’ reservoirs to leave skin plump and dewy, while FARMACY’s {Skin Dew} is as refreshing as its name implies… infusing skin with moisture while preventing ‘polluaging’.

You only need one mist at any one time – but buy two of the same and keep one on your desk to help combat the drying effects of your office environment. Look for glycerin and hyaluronic acid – both powerful humectants – which attract (and retain) water to exhibit a line-lessening effect.

{Quench & protect}

Your day cream needs to seal the ‘good stuff’ in and keep the ‘bad stuff’ out – so choose a lightweight formula that’s packed with antioxidants – to wage war on the everyday environmental stress while maintaining skin’s moisture levels.

Odacité’s {Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème} is the ultimate one-size-fits-all moisturiser – a soothing and defensive formula, that can be super-charged with serum concentrates to target the needs of your skin.

Add a few drops of {Vital Glow} to breathe new lift into lacklustre skin types, or lace with {Clogged Pores Serum} to help combat congestion and keep breakouts at bay.

Or try Ilcsi’s {Carotene Extra Whip Moisturiser} – a potent blend of good-enough-to-eat ingredients, that brightens and revitalises for a gorgeous glow.

And that’s your capsule – super-natural – skin care wardrobe sorted. Now you’re free to supplement with serums, treatments, scrubs, peels and masks to target your skins needs. Our {Farm to Face} shop boasts an array of potent products to ‘detox’ your beauty ritual.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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