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Odacité Vital Glow Serum Concentrate (Wild Carrot) 5ml

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Odacité Vital Glow Serum Concentrate (Wild Carrot) 5ml

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Odacité Vital Glow Serum Concentrate (Wild Carrot) 5ml


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Nothing special

Received this in the goodie bag. I find that it doesn't soak that well in the dry skin and you need way more product to actually feel like you put on anything on the skin. So the 5ml is quite expensive, as the results dont really match that for me unfortunately.

by Kristine

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Love love love the application and instant results. My skin is visibly smoother and hydrated. I love oils in general because my skin tends to get a little dry. This one glides on like silk. I use only a few drops and apply directly to my skin sometimes before sometimes after my serum. I wish it came in a bigger size. Also great for travel.

by Jasmine Verified Purchase

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Great serum but not for the price

It is the best serum ever, it makes my skin glow and leaves it hydrated and smooth. But the price is way tooo high.

by Agnieszka

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Can’t live without

My oily/ combo skin loves this. I got it in a goodie bag and now can’t live without it. I only wish it was bigger in size.

by AM Verified Purchase

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First oil that really love

I received it the Goodie Bag, I was always skeptical to all the oils, because I dont like the effect, but this one became a game-changer for me. You need only couple of drops for softer and glow skin, I usually apply above the moisturizer or if I want stronger effect, directly after cleanser as serum, but on dry skin more drops are needed. Only one complain is size, it could be at least 10ml, because a lot of cost and waste is packaging. So, to create box and bottle for 5ml… questionable in terms of sustainability. 5ml for me works for around a month.  

by Olesia Verified Purchase

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Good at night

I tried it during the day, there really wasn’t any effect, but then I decided to try it at night, and then  I was very impressive with how it refreshed the skin, an amazing product, of course, I’ll buy it again, I also applied it to my daughter, who just got 11 years old, she was delighted with the result of her skin, as if they’re had applied powder! I Apply at night 3/4 drops of concentrate but have not yet tried to mix with cream yet! 

by Aliona

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I dislike oils due to my oily, acne-prone skin. I was skeptical when I decided to try this oil, but the results surprised me. The skin truly transforms, becoming firm and moisturized, with a very pleasant velvety finish, not oily! The key is to use no more than 2 drops; otherwise, you'll end up oily and disappointed. It's even better with just one drop. Wash your face, apply toner, and then, on damp skin, apply one drop of the oil, previously warmed in your palms. I received this as a gift and am now upset about the price since I want to buy it

by Alice

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So So

Ok so I guess it really depends what you expect from skincare. I was expecting a nice glow somehow but all you get is the glow from applying the oil, you would get that glow (like a moisturised “greasy” look) with any oil in my opinion. I was expecting a slight colour on your skin from the carrot but nope. I was also expecting a lovely sweet carrot smell but no it is a super strong grassy type smell. So I’m using it when the mood strikes and not that regularly due to being underwhelmed by this product, shame as it is the highest price point oil in their range, not sure what I was expecting, something magic perhaps but did not get it. Also that “oil” glow you get on application does not last at all...

by V

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A good cream improver

Surprised, but it works. I add 3 drop in the morning with my face cream. It definitely improved my cream. It improves my complexion, makes skin glowing and healthy. Perhaps, I will even repeat the purchase, although this will be enough for a long time.

by Tina

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Depends on your skin

This was a part of a new facial regime I was trying to target blemishes on my face. It didn't work for me, I gave it 3 stars because even though it wasn't beneficial, it didn't harm either. I felt like my skin didn't absorb it well. but then really I don't think it's a bad product, I have recently discovered that oil based products aren't for me. Even though I am obsessed with natural ingredients my skin just doesn't absorb heavy oils.

by Kinda

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