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The cult cleansers your skin care ritual is missing

Up until recently, cleansing was overlooked in our skin care regimes, as a mere precursor to the main event: namely serum and moisturiser. Thankfully the tide is turning with people waking up to the importance of getting skin clean and prepped, so that the super-charged face cream you’ve spent all your money on can actually absorb properly and do its job. Harsh, drying formulas are out. (And if you’re still cleansing with hand soap, don’t even speak to us…) It’s all about mineral-rich balms, oils and gels that you’ll want to spend time to properly massage in; that smell and feel amazing as they lift away all that pore-clogging gunk. (Without leaving your complexion tight, irritated and parched in the process.)

Does your current cleansing regime leave a lot to be desired? Let The Cult enlighten you…

Certain brands are gaining renown for their miracle make up removers. Hungarian skin care savants {Omorovicza} are one such brand, famed for their high-tech formulas (concocted in a Nobel Prize-winning lab no less) which harness the glow-giving powers of Hungary’s mineral-rich thermal waters. We love their cleansers almost as much as we love birthday cake, sunshine and singing karaoke on a Saturday night. And for good reason…

First up is the {Thermal Cleansing Balm}, ideal if you’re dealing with dull, clogged skin and want to boost luminosity in the bargain. We like to use this one at the end of the day to get rid of city grime. And you happen to fall into bed after a heavy night and – heaven forfend! – forget to wash your face, this is what you should be reaching for the morning after. The luxurious texture feels amazing once applied and engulfs grime like nobody’s business. It’s also got a load of goodness in there, to give your skin all the feels. We’re talking Hungarian Moor mud – famed for its decongesting prowess, while key minerals calcium, zinc, copper and magnesium leave you with a happy, glowing complexion for your troubles. Every tube-travelling urbanite needs a tub of this stuff in their life.

Suffering from dryness and sensitivity? (Which the winter weather is so good for…) Their {Cleansing Foam} is just what the doctor ordered. Actually it suits all skin types (boom!), but is particularly soothing for skin that’s a little highly strung. Frothing up on application, this gel-balm is a pretty turquoise colour – that’ll be the copper gluconate which puts pores through their paces, while white lupin and apple pectin bring all the hydration. We reach for this first thing in the morning when our complexion’s a little sleepy and cross.

And for those plagued by oily, problem skin, their {Moor Cream Cleanser} mops up excess shine thanks to good old Hungarian Moor mud, as well as battling blemishes with anti-inflammatory zinc oxide, together with cooling, antiseptic camphor, peppermint and eucalyptus oils (all great for giving your tired face the ‘zing’ factor). It’s particularly good for certain times of the month when your hormones are going haywire and your skin’s suffering as a result. Another plus point for city-dwellers: it also works to repair against the daily onslaught of pollution and UV rays. We like to leave ours on the skin for a few minutes, almost like a ‘mini-mask’ treatment, so it can really work its magic.

Other can’t-live-without cleansers that are worth investing in include the famous {Regenerating Cleanser} from {Tata Harper} (a gorgeous ‘green’ brand that uses 100% natural ingredients), which is rich in salicylic acid to gently exfoliate as it cleanses to leave skin smooth and spotless – in every sense. And you’ve probably heard of {Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm}, which caused its creator Emma to be dubbed “Queen of Cleansing”. It now comes in a {super-sized pot}, so you can further reap the benefits of its addictive scent and silky texture that engulfs all manner of dirt and grime. It’s also got delicious extracts of jasmine and rose to give mature and dry skin its glow back. Another chart-topper is {MV Organics 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic}, packed full of active ingredients and essential oils to balance oily skin and replenish dryness (so every skin type’s a winner!) whilst making your bathroom smell like a spa in the process.

Now you’ve got the know-how, up your cleansing game and make it an enjoyable part of your beauty regime, rather than a chore to be rushed before bed. Grab a hot cloth …


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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