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Ensure Your Make Up Stays Immaculate All Night With These Pro Tips

It’s the age-old predicament: you’ve spent hours creating an impressive make up masterpiece (you’re actually the Michelangelo of face painting), but HOW do you ensure your handiwork stays perfect as you channel your Beyoncé underneath the disco ball? Worry no longer! We asked Jade Elliott – trained make up artist and founder of {ICONIC London} – to share her top tips to ensuring your face looks flawless on the dancefloor… and beyond. Plus, you’ve plenty of time to practise before Friday night rolls ’round.

“If I’m heading out for the night, I need to know my make up will stay put. My secret? Prime that face! I love to use a lightweight priming formula – something hydrating but appropriately Velcro-esque – to even out skin’s texture and help keep my base in place. (Team CB swear by NYX Professional Makeup’s {Angel Veil} – it’s ideal for creating a smooth, even canvas, blurring fine lines and diminishing imperfections).

“I’m all about that glow – day or night! My {Strobing Sticks} are perfect for that subtle daytime ‘dew’, but I love to use {Illuminator} drops to amp-up the highlight for night-time – applying on top of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and my cupid’s bow. I also love using the shade ‘Glow’ to make my eyes ‘pop’ – it’s a gorgeous eyeshadow equivalent.

“Contour, contour, contour! I love using our {Pigment Sticks} and {Contour Palette} to create long-lasting definition (use the stick to sculpt then ‘set’ the creamy formula with powder). You’ll look enviably ‘cheekbone-y’ and seamlessly streamlined. Use the {Pro-Evo Sculpt Brush} to diffuse any tidelines and ensure an airbrushed finish.

“Want some extra definition? If you’re planning on showing some skin then mix {Illuminator} with some moisturiser and apply along your collar bones, to exposed shoulders and along your shins to elongate your legs and emulate that gorgeous, just-back-from-holiday glow.

“I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that half the fun of a night out is the mini-photoshoot you have with your friends beforehand!? To keep your selfie game strong, grab yourself a selfie-light, keep your chin down and hold the camera higher than your head to get that sexy, streamlined look. At least your make up skills will be immortalised on Instagram!”


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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