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Will You Work The Soap Brow Trend?

As beauty trends go… there’ve been some ‘out there’ crazes. From #poutgate to extreme contouring, you think you’ve seen it all until the latest, ‘weird and wonderful’ discovery sets make up maven’s flocking to ‘The YouTube’ for tutorials.

With eyebrows still the industry’s obsession, go big, brushed-up and boyish or go home – there’s no room for a skinny ‘90s brow – the bushier yours look the better. Which is why this latest ‘soap brow’ trend has caught our collective imagination. And it’s practically free… just arm yourself with a (clear!) bar of soap and a well-loved {spooley} (an old mascara wand will do), then follow these steps to achieve that enviable, Delevingne-esque ‘oomph’.

Begin by defining the bottom of the brow, using your usual technique – whether you’re a fan of powder, pencil or {Anastasia Beverly HillsDipBrow Pomade} – create the shape and ‘fill in’ any sparse patches.

Once you’re happy with the ‘tail’ and mid-section, use the flat edge of your brush (or the tip of a {Brow Wiz}) to define the bottom of the front of the brow, then use fine, hair-like strokes, or the broad side of your brow brush to diffuse the colour softly for a slight ‘ombre’ effect – you’re trying to avoid that ‘blocky’, stenciled look.

Use a spooley to comb any excess product through and brush-up the brow hairs, then… for the ‘magic’ soap step. Take your dampened soap bar (either run it under the tap, or spritz a section with your favourite mist or water spray), and rub your spooley in the soap until it’s covered in light ‘froth’.

Then simply comb the lather lightly through the front section of each eyebrow – try not to drag the brush, or be too heavy-handed – you want to create natural-looking ‘lift’ and separation. You can repeat the process to re-position the hairs until you’re happy with the ‘boy brow’ look.

You can then use any excess ‘froth’ to tame and fix the rest of your brow hairs for that soft, ‘fluffy’ editorial effect. It’s basically a push-up bra for brows (#goalz), so tell us… will you work the ‘soap brow’ trend? 



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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