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Got Acne? Reveal Flawless Skin with These Masks

Best Face Masks for Acne

So many of us suffer from acne without even realising – or acknowledging – we’re on the ‘acne spectrum’. It’s not just the chronic kind that earns the scary-sounding title – those hormonal breakouts, and that determined cluster of pimples that dares to show up when you’re stressed or run down (ie: often) – are both in ‘camp acne’ (#truefact). However, that doesn’t necessarily mean drastic action or specialist attention – it just means figuring out your skin’s specific needs, and showing it a bit of TLC. Which is why we’ve rounded up some of the best face masks for battling blemishes, whatever your skin’s type (or temper).

May-Lindstrom-The-Problem-Solver{Best for congestion…}

Adored for her holistic approach to skin healing, May Lindstrom’s {The Problem Solver} is a powdered blend of raw cacao and jet black bamboo charcoal, alongside a powerfully detoxifying blend of warming spices to stimulate circulation and blast away blockages. Although entirely natural, this mask is astonishingly active – just mix into a paste with luke warm water, and apply directly to congested areas to purge those embedded impurities.


Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask{Best for dullness…}
For those whose skin is dry yet blemish-prone, clearing surface ‘scurf’ is key. Alpha-H’s {Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask} contains 15% glycolic acid, to gently dissolve all the glue that ‘sticks’ dulling dead cells to skin’s surface. Lavender, rose oil and manuka honey then help to combat spot-causing bacteria, calm irritation and reduce redness to leave your skin smooth, soft and glowing.


Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Rose Revitalising Mask{Best for sensitivity…}

If your skin is very easily upset, inflammation could well be the cause. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s {Cell Revitalise Rose Mask} stars probiotics – good bacteria which encourage skin to stabilise its ‘eco’ system and in turn, quell sensitivity and reactivity. The inclusion of palmarosa – beloved for its detoxifying properties – helps to assist detoxification; drawing and eliminating impurities to reduce reactivity and swiftly battle breakouts. Ideal if you’re battling with problematic skin that’s easily offended by aggressive, oil-controlling acne options.



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