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101 Guide To Community Sixty-Six

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Not all heroes wear capes… Proving that consistency can be one of skin care’s biggest superpowers, Community Sixty-Six understands that between our busy schedules and last-minute plans, not everyone has time to carry out a multi-step routine. Streamlining beauty rituals, the brand swaps out the typical ten-step regime for simple-yet-effective habits that provide optimum results.  

Paying homage to its less-is-more mantra we caught up with founder, Dia Foley, to talk all things Community Sixty-Six… 


While the founder of Community Sixty-Six has been immersed in the industry for years as a make up artist, fragrance specialist and product developer, her beauty fascination began from a young age. “My mum was an Avon lady, so from age nine I would join her in her monthly meetings and would wait with bated breath for those boxes of new products to arrive. Those mini lipsticks were my joy and were great for trading with my friends (whose dad owned the corner store) for strings liquorice. Today, both these obsessions have stayed with me – sweets and beauty products” recalls Dia. As the years went by Dia experienced her own life challenges that led her to reignite her passion for beauty and begin her own brand. “I lost my way and my loud, fun-loving voice. I had a tough time getting back on my feet. It really was a day-to-day challenge, but I knew I needed to get back to myself. To do this, I started with one simple, good habit. One that was most familiar to me – washing my face. It was something that I dreaded doing and I saw as a chore. I follow with an affirmation that I was grateful and hopeful” Dia admitted. “As the month passed, I started to look forward to spending time with the reflection in the mirror and enjoyed washing away the day’s dirt. This gave me the inspiration to start Community Sixty-Six” she added.  


Aptly named after the theory that it takes 66 days to acquire a habit, Community Sixty-Six is centred around creating products and a routine that’s easy to upkeep and maintain. “There’s no need to play bathroom chemist or figure out a ten-step routine anymore” affirms Dia. “We develop an easy-to-navigate range filled with ingredient-stacked, clinically-proven products designed to be used as part of a straightforward routine, while still achieving maximum results.” 


Community Sixty-Six is a realist. It not only looks out for your complexion, but takes into consideration how time can get away from you. “While life gets stressful, busy and complicated for everyone at times, the brand helps people start a skin care routine, stay on track, and reap the rewards of better skin care habits” says Dia. Proving that less can be more, its everyday edit encourages you to swap your typical multi-step regime for one you can stick to daily. “Consistency is key. You need to keep using your products to see the benefits; when your routine is too complicated it can be easy to skip. Streamlined skin care makes it easy to show up consistently, giving your products the time they need to work and making a great skin care a habit.” 

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Combining all the ingredients your complexion craves into fewer formulas, Community Sixty-Six’s solutions boast the same benefits of a ten-step routine in just three. “By eliminating the guesswork about what to use and when, our hyper-charged products simplify daily skin routines and offer maximum results with minimum effort. You get it done, and it leaves time to do whatever you love” expresses Dia. 

Not sure how to switch up your routine? Simply follow the founder’s two-step rule below… 


“To cleanse for 60 seconds for 66 days can transform your skin and start a habit that lasts a lifetime. Make up, dirt, and oil are a lot more difficult to remove than most people realise. Not only do you want to give the cleanser a chance to break down and dissolve products and grime but taking 60 seconds also makes you pay attention to your complexion and what you’re doing (like remembering to wash around the edges of your nose, under your chin, and around your hairline). It’s crucial to carry out a cleanse at the end of the day too, as this is when you’re face has a layer of sweat, pollution, sunscreen, make up, and other grimy things on it. Your skin’s natural way of life is to repair itself while you sleep. So, having clean skin allows for all other creams to be absorbed properly and make sure your dermis gets the full benefits. The last, and maybe most important, point about washing your face is that you’ll look way better in the morning! Lack of sleep combined with dirty, dehydrated skin isn’t the secret to waking up glowing.” 


“Moisturising is a step that many people leave out of their skin care routine because they see it as an optional step. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. As a cocktail of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients, it’s essential. Keeping your complexion well hydrated, balanced and protected will help prevent breakouts and wrinkles – equalling beautiful skin for a lifetime. Plus, since moisturisers work on and beneath the skin’s surface and are not washed off, it makes it one of the easiest steps in your regime.”  


Effortlessly extracting your daily make up, SPF and skin impurities, Community Sixty-Six’s Makeup Melting Balm Cleanser  leaves your skin feeling refreshed, renewed and ready for the day (or night) ahead. Enriched with oatmeal and sweet almond oil, the featherweight formula looks to treat dryness while improving the appearance of scarring. What’s more, the addition of ginger root brightens for a dew-drenching finish.  

Looking for skin that’s soft, supple and smooth? Cue: Community Sixty-Six’s Hydrating Cream Cleanser. Blending sunflower oil with cherry flower extract, this daily wash gently removes impurities without stripping your complexion. What’s more, strengthening your protective barrier by locking in some much-needed moisture, it reduces the look of redness and irritation too. Now who said one cleanser couldn’t do it all? 

Banishing blemishes, breakouts and excess oil throughout the day, Community Sixty-Six’s Oil Control Moisturizer brings back balance to your complexion. Packed with potent ingredients (we’re talking azelaic acid, niacinamide and squalane), it soothes your skin while reducing excess sebum to prevent and manage pigmentation.   

Flooding your face with hydration, Community Sixty-Six’s Rich Moisturizer looks to relieve stressed-out skin. How? We’re glad you asked… Not only does it fuse such as glycerine, squalane and shea butter to nourish and reveal radiance, but it’s topped with Q10 to improve dullness.   

Stacked with sixteen (yes, you read that right) active ingredients, Community Sixty-Six’s Retinol Resurfacing Night Cream offers the ultimate beauty sleep. Powered by 1.5% retinol to firm, smooth and revitalise the skin, this super-charged saviour helps minimises fine lines while protecting your complexion against environmental aggressors come sunrise.  

Now you have everything you need to know about Community Sixty-Six, it’s time to simplify your skin care routine to suit both your and your complexion’s needs.  


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