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101 Guide To Luna Daily

Close up of a side profile of a woman with no clothes spraying Luna’s the Everywhere Spray to Wipe under her armpits.

Head, vulva, knees and toes… While these may not be the lyrics you were expecting, this remix is just as appropriate.  

Dreaming up microbiome balancing solutions for all skin – even your most intimate – Luna Daily creates personal care that we can be proud of. With this brand there’s no need to hide away those everyday essentials or use harsh formulas in delicate areas. Instead, its gentle yet effective blends smooth, sooth and take prime position on your bathroom shelfie too! 

Getting up close and personal with the name behind the brand, here at Cult Beauty we caught up with founder Katy Cottam, to talk all things Luna Daily…  


Born from a personal teenage experience, Luna Daily unifies vulvar and body care. “After an intensive course of antibiotics that totally wrecked my gut and skin microbiome, I got thrush for the first time and from that moment onwards, I wasn’t able to use traditional body products to care for my intimate skin. But I also really resented having to use the ‘feminine hygiene’ products available, with all the ‘what’s wrong with her?’ associations.” recalls Katy. Sparking questions like ‘why are we so ashamed to talk about body parts that are so important to us’ and ‘how many other people are hiding products in their cupboards because they feel this way’, the founder decided to collaborate with an expert team of dermatologists and gynaecologists (AKA the Luna Daily Medical Collective) to right these wrongs… And thus, Luna Daily was born. “Our mission is to connect people to each other and their entire bodies. I believe change starts with education that drives understanding, amplified by conversations between those of all ages and stages, together. I want to normalise conversations and help change education – so less people feel like I did at 19 and more like I do now – free of shame and confusion.” Katy explains.  


“Luna translates to the moon in many languages… A beautifully powerful, yet visibly reassuring, daily presence that connects people everywhere, irrespective of age, stage or skin-type.” describes Katy Fitting the brand’s philosophy of “shining a light on topics that have been shrouded in darkness for so long.” she adds. 

A wide shot of the Luna Daily The Everywhere collection stacked up together in a studio setting on a neutral background.


Where do we start? Not only is Luna Daily turning the personal care industry on its head, but it’s also investing the time to educate us on the daily, weekly, monthly changes our bodies go through – and how we should care for them – the right way. “People are more embarrassed to talk about their vulva than talking about their sex life or how much they earn (!). The misunderstanding, lack of education and use of anatomically incorrect language is causing a health crisis.” says Katy.  

Disagreeing with the way the feminine hygiene industry is marketed; Katy tells us how she believes “it has persuaded women that they need specific products to ‘clean’ their vulvas (even the word ‘hygiene’ implies something is dirty). They’ve marketed synthetic products to us on the basis that our intimate areas need separate products. When in reality, the vulval skin is similar to skin elsewhere on the rest of the body”.  

Creating pH-perfect formulas that support your microbiome, Luna Daily’s wash and refresh ranges use only necessary ingredients to avoid stripping and irritate the skin. “Our products are thoughtfully designed and feel beautiful to use, elevating your shower routine beyond a harsh body wash or feminine hygiene product. Developed with our medical team including dermatologists and gynaecologists, all our creations are clinically tested, and we conduct clinical user trials on women of all ages, stages and skin types, so we truly know our products are targeting skin concerns many of us have like dry skin, in grown hairs, cracking skin, irritation, redness and bumps.” 


  1. First thing first, learn the difference between the vulva and the vagina. “Through my research when launching the brand, I discovered that 1 in 3 women are (worryingly) washing inside their vagina and 43% of washing routines are causing gynaecological issues. But, the vagina (the internal passage) is very clever and totally self-cleaning, so never needs to be washed, even with water. Your vulva (the external intimate skin) is very similar to the skin biome of your armpits, so it’s recommended to give it a daily wash”. 
  2. If you want to wash your vulva with just water, that’s absolutely fine. “Our vulvas don’t need specific products. I created Luna Daily because I wanted to use more than water to wash my vulva but didn’t want it to have to be a specific ‘intimate wash’, which seemed all that was available.”. 
  3. How you care for your vulva is your personal choice. “I understand completely why a woman would want to use products to care for their vulva. Because I do. I want to use something more than water because if I’m on my period, on the go, at the gym, or at a festival, I just want something extra to care for my intimate skin. I don’t want my vulva to be rose-scented. I don’t want to follow any industry fads. It’s my personal choice.” 


We can’t talk about the brand’s bestsellers without spotlighting its first ever creation… yes, we’re talking about Luna Daily’s The Everywhere Wash. Powered by its unique Therma-Biome+ complex – that blends prebiotics, vitamins E, C and F with thermal water – this pH-balancing body wash protects your skin barrier while smoothing and softening all areas of your skin for a supple sign off.  

Targeting ingrown hairs, redness, bumps and everything in between, Luna Daily’s The Everywhere Oil fuses not one, but eight, natural oils for a nourishing finish. Primed to be used as part of your daily routine, its combination of jojoba and tamanu oil is made to mimic your body’s moisturising properties, softening both hair and skin.  

Dubbed as a pocket-sized power shower, Luna Daily’s The Everywhere Spray to Wipe offers instant cleansing when on the go. Expertly developed by a team of dermatologists and gynaecologists, it boosts intimate freshness without the fear of irritation. Wiping away sweat spots in all regions (we’re talking everything from your bikini line to between your thighs), this mini marvel keeps you feeling your best even on your busiest of days. 

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Luna Daily’s The Everywhere (No) Soap is a solid wash bar that features (you guessed it) no soap ingredient. How? Well, it’s made from 93% natural components which allows you to use it on all areas of the body – and when we say all, we mean all. While the brand’s HYDRA-BIOME+ complex balances, nourishes and protects the skin, its coconut base serves up some serious hydration proving to be milder on the skin.   

Infused with fresh notes of tamanu, jasmine and ylang ylang, Luna Daily’s The Everywhere Lotion not only delights your skin but your senses too. Naturing a happy, hydrated and healthy looking protective barrier, the featherweight formula melds niacinamide and bakuchiol to reduce the appearance of redness while soothing and evening out texture.  

So, now you know the ins and outs of Luna Daily, it’s time to treat all areas of your body with some TLC – even your most intimate.  


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