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The SPF And Beauty Essentials To Take You From The Slopes To Après Ski

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What’s not to love about a fun-filled jaunt to snowy-capped mountains? From winding down wintry hills by day to roaring fires and après adventures by night, it’s no surprise the ski scene has become such a peak (pun intended) holiday destination.  

But with punishing climates, scorching sunlight and dehydrating effects of central heating in your chalet, skiing and snowboarding trips can cause havoc on your complexion – skin can feel raw, red and dehydrated. So, if your favourite cold weather activity includes an annual visit to the slopes, listen up! You’ll need to upgrade your skin care routine… and that’s where we come in.  


The number one rule any slope-goer should know? SPF is non-negotiable. Although it might feel a little counterintuitive to apply sunscreen when surrounded by a blanket of snow, the sun at high altitude (AKA when you’re at the top of a mountain) is more harmful than at sea level. “The air is much thinner and less polluted the higher the attitude, meaning fewer obstacles for UV rays to pass through,” Rebecca Jefferd and Ava Chandler-Matthews, the founders of Ultra Violette tell us. Plus, did you know snow also acts as a mirror, reflecting the sun’s rays for a double-helping of skin damage? As you’ll be out in the sun all day with little opportunity for shade – you know, when you’re trying to nail those satisfying sharp turns – SPF is essential for protection. 

For maximum resilience, look for high SPF/UVA, water-resistant formulas (just in case you accidentally face plant whilst trying to demount from the T-bar lift) or stick versions as they’re more practical and feature waxy formulas that help minimise the effects of windburn while protecting your skin. 

Want to learn more about SPF? Head to our Ultimate Sunscreen Guide to find out about the ultimate skin care daily defence. 


Lips contain no natural pigmentation to protect from UV, making them the body part that is most vulnerable to the sun. So, remember to slather on a protective lip balm regularly, especially after eating and drinking. Luckily for you, ski jackets are designed with pockets aplenty so remember to keep your lip SPF (and your face SPF) stashed in them.  



From piste to party…  

Après-ski literally translates from French to “after ski,” essentially meaning all the activities (read: parties) people tend to do after a ski run. But imagine this: your skin barrier has already been compromised by the icy temperatures from your day spent slaloming down mountains, so the combination of cranked radiators inside, whether you’re snuggled up and sipping hot chocolate or enjoying après in La Folie Douce, won’t help your complexion. 

What to do? Before you head out to explore what your ski resort has to offer, follow a two-step layering technique: serum, then moisturiser. Opt for highly concentrated serums that shuttle humectants – we’re talking your hyaluronic acids and glycerin – into the deeper layers of skin and then to repair dry skin after a long day outdoors, use a heavy-duty and ultra-rich moisturiser. 

Once the parties over and you’re back at your chalet, we’d suggest going for one final hit of hydration in the form of a restorative overnight face mask before turning off the lights and catching some well-deserved rest. From sheet masks to lightweight, replenishing gels and reparative balms, a moisture-boosting face masks will flood your complexion with much-needed nourishment. You’ll wake feeling fresh and revitalised so you can eat, sleep, ski and repeat… 



Alice Barnett

Alice Barnett

Senior Copywriter

Alice is one of Cult Beauty’s Senior Copywriters. An avid charity shop hunter, gig goer and theatre enthusiast (seriously, she’s seen everything in the West End at least twice), Alice is never without a nourishing lip balm or her handbag-sized hairbrush. Complete with an unwavering obsession with hair masks and SPF – which must be at least factor 50 – she swears by daily application of Thank You Farmer’s Water Sun Cream SPF 50. When she’s not playing defence for the Cult Beauty Netball Team, she’s probably dog-watching with friends in East London’s Victoria Park.