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Kinship Is Here For Your Skin (And The Planet)


When it comes to skinsational formulas that don’t have to cost the Earth, Kinship has got you covered. Built on the ethos that the beauty industry is well overdue a clean-up, Kinship is challenging the status quo and asking us to look beyond the bottle; from their powerhouse {cleansers} to their ray-reflecting {sunscreens}, each ingredient and packaging component has been selected to deliver high-performance results with a sustainable edge. Their commitment to making a wave of change means that each product is cruelty-free, plant-based and housed in post-consumer recycled packaging — say bon voyage to shoppers’ guilt and hello to loving the skin you’re in. 

Get To Know Kinbiome 

Each of their results-driven products are powered by their patented Kinbiome a plant-based pre-probiotic which has been derived from fermented lactobacillus (to put it simply a very helpful bacteria). Kinbiome is truly at the heart of Kinship’s formulas, and its benefits are endless; from a stronger skin barrier, to minimising visible irritation and promoting that gorgeous glow from within we all strive for, this skin saviour is quickly rising to the top of the hot-100. 


Our Hero 

If like us you’re always on the hunt for a new hero product, one destined to enter your {make up} bag for eternity or take trophy spot on the bathroom shelf, we’d like to introduce you the best-selling {Self Reflect}. At first glance you may think this is just a regular sunscreen, however it's so much more. Reef-safe and Benzine-free, this wonder screen provides UVA/UVB sun protection and is packed full of turmeric that works alongside the Kinbiome pre-probiotic to soothe and calm irritation. Oh and did we forget to mention it bestows an awe-inspiring glow?  

The Planet Promise 

We know that when we hear about sustainable brands it’s hard to know who walks the walk and who just talks the talk, we often find ourselves asking — what does it all really mean? Never fear, Kinship has the goods to back themselves up! As mentioned before their products are housed in recycled packaging with each and every ingredient thoughtfully and sustainably sourced, but let’s be honest, even a minimal impact is still an impact. That’s where their oh-so brilliant Planet Promise comes into play, recognising the undeniable link between our health and the world around us. Every year around 8 million tons of plastic are discarded into our oceans but the brilliant minds at Kinship are creating a solution; OWP (ocean waste plastic) collected by local fishing communities in and around the Java Sea and rivers in Jakarta are being transformed into the PCR (post-consumer recycled) packaging you see before you. For each OWP component sold by Kinship, there is less plastic floating through our oceans and rivers, and unbelievably they’ve already collected a whopping six tons of plastic waste. There is a wave of change coming and Kinship are at the helm; what started as a ripple is about to be so much more… 

Niall Taylor
Niall Taylor Writer and expert

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