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3 Ways to Care For Your Hair: Winter Edition

As the seasons change it’s all too common to start to see a change in the health of your hair. You may well already switch up your {skin care} rituals as the weather starts to turn… but what about your hair? Skin care doesn’t (and shouldn’t) stop at your hairline. The right {hair} and {scalp} care regime will do wonders for the health of your mane, from getting {hair loss} under control to easing discomfort from stubborn scalp conditions exacerbated by changing seasons and emotion stress. 

So much of our self-confidence goes strand in strand with our appearance, but this travels so much deeper than what the eye can see. Self care is more than just booking in a bouncy blow dry or finding the time for a long-overdue coffee with that friend whose schedule you can never seem to align with. It comes in taking time for yourself throughout your day, every day. Whether you spend five minutes performing a hair-oiling scalp massage, try out a new ‘do, or just finally get around to that very overdue hair wash… our beauty rituals play a huge role in our self care regime.  

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The skinification of hair has become one of the latest buzzwords to be thrown around the beautysphere, but you may well ask “what does it mean?”. Think of it like this — you wouldn’t neglect your daily double cleanse or stop applying your SPF 50 without starting to see the results show in your complexion. When it comes to healthy hair, there’s so much more to it than just using {heat protection} when styling your mane and occasionally running an {oil} through dry, brittle ends. Your scalp deserves a little (try, a lot) of TLC too. So, whether it’s switching out your shampoo once a week for a detoxifying build-up-banisher, or starting a daily supplement regime to treat hair loss from the inside out, it’s about time that we invested in our skin from our heads to our toes.  

Should you be in need of a little helping hand, our dedicated hair care category is home to the very best brands, with a treatment, styling staple and shampoo for every type and texture. No matter if your strands are feeling parched, your roots are lacking that much-needed ‘oomph’, your curls are falling flat or your scalp is crying out for some love… these hand-picked heroes are sure to transform your tresses… 

1.Keep it under wraps 

The best place to start in your healthy hair care journey? Your wash day essentials, of course. The Kitsch {Microfiber Hair Towel} is a game-changer for all post-wash styling routines. Wrapping your damp tresses in traditional towels can lead to unnecessary damage, which is why this nifty creation will make light work of caring for your mane. Not only does this microfiber towel cut your drying time in half (!) but it simultaneously tames frizz, preserves your hair’s natural oils, reduces breakage and improves manageability. Oh, and they look incredibly bougie too… 

2.Your root-ine essential 

For those prone to sensitivity — worsened by fluctuating temperatures — that results in uncomfortable, dry and flaky scalps then allow us to introduce you to the sigh of relief that is Act+Acre’s {Cold Processed Hair Oil}. Just a few replenishing drops of this lightweight oil are enough to deeply hydrate dry and brittle lengths. Even better? You can reach for this science-backed formula when your hair is wet or dry to impart much-needed moisture and protect your strands against UV and heat-induced damage.  

The top tip from this hair care wellbeing brand? Avoid exposing your hair to extreme temperatures on wash day. Overly hot water can aggravate your delicate scalp, stripping the natural oils and leading an increase in dryness. Stick to luke-warm temperatures and your hair and scalp will be swift to thank you! 

3.Winter-proofed hair 

Yet to dip your tresses into the world of Ayurvedic hair-oiling? There’s no better introduction than with Fable and Mane’s lovingly created formulas, where age-old Indian rituals meet modern, sustainably sourced ingredients. Whether your lengths are thinning, or you simply want to improve your hair health throughout the winter months, their bestselling {HoliRoots Hair Oil} will do it all… and more! Ashwagandha and dashmool — a match made in hair heaven — encourage hair growth, promote scalp circulation and strengthen hair follicles. The result? Strong, healthy and lustrous hair. 




Natalie Cohn

Natalie Cohn

Junior Copywriter

Natalie is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Ingredient-focused and all about the details, she loves researching products to understand how and why they work. When she’s not talking to you (or anyone who that will listen!) about skin barrier health and the ultra-important role of your microbiome, you will normally find her curled up with a good book and a cup of tea – you can’t take the girl out of Yorkshire – or scouting out dogs to pet at the beach in her hometown of Brighton. If there had to be one product she would want everyone to use it would be a good, daily SPF, the basis of any great skin care routine …you can thank her later!