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Get Cosy With A New Winter Evening Ritual

Rina Teslica
Writer and expert1 year ago
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herlum comfortable silence candle
Ah, winter, the time of year when darkness falls by 4 and 7pm feels more like 10pm, and then you’re left wondering what on earth to do with your extended darker evenings. And sadly, hibernating until spring is not a viable option… alas, we have places to be, and people to see. But this winter we’re all about getting comfy and cosy at home. So, let us introduce you to an evening ritual to get the most out of  ‘hygge’ season. Think:  sleep aids, candles, mood-boosting wonders and most importantly, bath-time saviours we can’t live without. 


Begin your new evening ritual by setting calming intentions with Herlum’s {Comfortable Silence Candle}. The perfect backdrop to your self care evening, this gorgeously scented, calm-inducing candle will have you saying ‘ahhhh’ quicker than you can strike a match. Enveloping your home with an aroma of sandalwood and black pepper, this transformative scent will evoke a soothing, comfortable ambience.   

Extend the zen with a crystal-infused concoction that not only repairs your skin as you soak, but is immersed with an extract that has been used for centuries to ease mental anguish. Enter: Susan Kaufmann’s {St John’s Wort Bath}. This alchemic wonder cocoons your skin in vitamins, minerals and amino acids; it moisturises, hydrates and helps wash away your woes as you sink into your warm bath. Although the way St John’s Wort actually works isn’t fully understood, it is thought to elevate biochemicals in the brain (namely those happy hormones serotonin and dopamine) and lower adrenaline levels. If this is the answer to a winter pick-me-up, we’ll take it (x2.) 

ilāpothecary’s {Beat the Blues Body Oil} should be next in your night-time armoury. Harnessing the power of essential oils to boost mood, self-esteem and ease frustrations (we can’t think of anything we want more,) this wonder oil swaddles you in comfort. Infused with musky yet sweet clary sage to enliven the senses and boost confidence; petitgrain to encourage the spirit of self-acceptance, rose geranium to ease irritability; and finally, tuberose to soothe tension and relieve frantic minds. What a mood-boosting cocktail! Now pass us those crystals.

When envisioning a head-to-toe self-care ritual, we often overlook an essential body part that gets us from A to B: our feet. And yet, we neglect to spoil them in the way they deserve. But, Patchology is here with its minimal effort, maximum impact pedicure in a sock. With a powerful blend of AHAs and BHAs, the {Posh Peel PediCure} socks remove dead skin cells revealing baby-soft pads we guarantee you’ll be proud of. How ‘bout that for self care?


Mind still racing? No need to fret, The Nue Co.’s {Sleep Drops} will have the Sandman gently whisking you away, thanks to its infusion of valerian root, passion flower, catnip and chamomile. These sleep-inducing wonders work in synchronisation to help restore serenity to our racing minds and ease muscle pain. Six to 12 drops of this lulling formula and you’ll be in la la land dreaming of that pumpkin-spiced latte in no time.

Rina Teslica
Writer and expert
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Rina is Cult Beauty’s Junior SEO Copywriter and has always had a passion for beauty and skin care (rich moisturisers are her obsession). What started as a love for The Body Shop and their famed Born Lippy lip balms (in ‘Watermelon’ of course!), she is now more interested in finding products with proven effectiveness instead of broken promises. A loud and proud VIEVE fan, Rina owns nearly every item of the range and recommends the brand to anyone who will listen... When she’s not intently reading ingredient lists, you can find her either immersed in multiple true crime podcasts or co-hosting her own parenting one, with an *extra* hot cappuccino in hand.