Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder: Hyram Yarbro

Determined to empower and educate through his new brand {Selfless by Hyram} — powered by another cult-favourite, {The INKEY List} — skin care mogul and content creator Hyram Yarbro is approaching the beauty world with a “positive impact” approach. Ahead of the exclusive launch at Cult Beauty, we caught up with the effervescent founder to find out all the skin and planet-loving details…

{Cult Beauty} Could you tell us more about the line and what you wanted to achieve with it?

{Hyram Yarbro} I’ve always been passionate about teaching people how to improve their skin, and the fundamental aspects of {skin care} but I didn’t set out to create a brand. With so many amazing products out there, I didn’t know what unique element I could offer to the industry. I’ve also been super passionate about wanting to alleviate global issues and address the things disempowering people. So, I stumbled across the idea: “What if I were to merge the two together?” People could use skin care products that are gentle, active-based and beneficial to their skin while addressing two of the biggest issues facing the world right now: lack of access to clean drinking water and climate change. When I landed on this idea, that’s where the passion went up 100% and I decided that this is something I really want to do.

{CB} From sourcing to supply chain to packaging, sustainability is such a multifaceted issue. Did you encounter any challenges along the way?

{HY} Absolutely. The hardest aspect of building this brand didn’t come down to formulation but finding ingredient suppliers that matched our sourcing standards. In order to have transparency across the entire supply chain – well, I just didn’t have the resources to do that but thankfully, I was able to partner with {The INKEY List} who have such vast knowledge about the industry. We created a set list of standards that suppliers had to adhere to. We looked at the relationship between the supplier company and the environment; how they positively impact the ecosystem; who are the people sourcing these ingredients and how are they treated. We needed to be provided with substantial evidence and not just a checklist that says, “Yes, we do this!” The vast majority of suppliers didn’t adhere to those standards, which was really eye-opening. But it allowed us to hone in on the suppliers that are operating in a way that matches our standards, and to put it as front-facing as possible for consumers. I wanted this brand to be proactive about resolving issues, not just avoid them. For example, our packaging involves the process of growing the sugarcane bioplastic which removes carbon from the environment. We always say that “no brand is perfect” but we hope the steps we’re taking will show others what’s possible.

{CB} Can you describe your brand in three words?

{HY} Sparking social change.

Products from the Selfless by Hyram range

{CB} We’re curious, where did this passion around topics of sustainability and inequity come from? Did it start with an awareness that grew as you developed the brand or has it long been a passion before your YouTube days?

{HY} That’s a great question! I grew up on a cattle ranch in the middle of Arizona and I’ll admit that global and social awareness was not a thing in my community. Throughout high school and college I was able to do some charitable work. One humanitarian trip I took was an opportunity to see a lot of the problems happening around the world but also the ineffectiveness of the solutions we provide or impose. Then my work with nonprofits helped me really get an understanding of the most effective solutions for the planet and ways to empower people. But I never expected that skin care and social media would be my career path! I started YouTube as a passion but from the beginning I was like, “I want to integrate these two worlds!”

{CB} How did your experience as a skin care YouTuber help (or hinder) creating your own line?

{HY} It mostly helped because my primary goal has always been to educate people about the most basic and fundamental steps of a skin care routine. When developing Selfless, it came down to balancing the needs, concerns and interests of my audience with the expertise of the chemists. I repeated this so many times when we were in development; we would get lab samples and I’d be talking to the founders of {The INKEY List} and they’d ask, “Is it your favourite product? Is this something that you would use everyday?” and I was like, “It doesn’t matter about me!” It matters what my audience and people who are watching are going to like. The great thing is that I was able to find that middle ground: products that I absolutely am obsessed with but that I knew would really resonate with my audience. I didn’t want to swoop in and be like, “This is how it’s going to be done!”

{CB} So, which product from Selfless by Hyram are you obsessed with?

{HY} I just love the {Rainbow & Rainbow Algae Repair Serum}. It has such a unique, beautiful texture and consistency that is really moisturising and immediately plumping to the skin, which can be really hard to find in {retinol} products. It’s also specifically formulated to target the appearance of acne scars, {hyperpigmentation} and dark spots – the number one most expressed concern in my comments section and messages. It’s great for people who are apprehensive about getting into the retinol world.

{CB} For those just getting into skin care, do you have any tips when it comes to curating a routine?

{HY} I have two big tips. The first is, if nothing else, use a {sunscreen}. That will prevent the majority of issues that a lot of skin care products are trying to undo. Along with that, the skin care world can be extremely overwhelming. People often buy a bunch of products and then it gets used…maybe once a week? Then people give up. I’ve always said that the perfect skin care routine only needs four steps: cleansing, treatments, moisturiser and sunscreen. Establishing daily preventative care is key!

Hyram holding products from the Selfless By Hyram range

{CB} Speaking of preventative care, are there any skin care lessons you wish you could teach your younger self?

{HY} Definitely! Like I said, the number one thing is sunscreen. I grew up with that cattle ranch life – I would be outside for 10 hours a day with absolutely no sunscreen. Also, I wish I knew about the basics. I think I cleansed my face once a month with, like, a body wash and thought I was being so extra! But of course, you can’t blame yourself.

{CB} You’ve amassed a huge following on TikTok and are known for being very honest in your reviews. With so many great skin care hacks and viral products out there, is there a trend or beauty myth you caution against?

{HY} When I first entered the online world, all you saw was DIY {skin care}, harsh scrubs, super invasive skin solutions but nowadays, I rarely see it and there’s been so much positive change. But you’re right, now we’re having the opposite problem. The main thing I want to recommend to Gen-Z is find the product that works for you and use it till the end! It’s been great to see how much people are investing in skin care but after a while I was like, “Oh no, people are purchasing and introducing so much to their skin”. Not only is that not great for your skin and wallet but it’s not great for the planet either. Obviously, if your skin is having a reaction that’s different! So, be selective and minimal about what products you’re introducing to your face.

{CB} Time for some quick-fire questions! What is one product you’re always stocked up on?

{HY} The Bliss Block Star SPF 30 – and my own products, of course!

{CB} What does ‘cult’ mean to you?

{HY} Dedication veering into obsession.

{CB} Which song have you had on repeat recently?

{HY} ‘Walk me home’ by Said the Sky, ILLENIUM and Chelsea Cutler. I love EDM and this is an EDM song that will make you cry.

{CB} Which book/movie/TV show has had you hooked recently?

{HY} Euphoria, definitely. I absolutely love that show. It’s almost an exact depiction of what my middle school experience was like. You know how people say, “Oh that stuff doesn’t happen in real life!”? It happens.

{CB} Matte skin or dewy skin?

{HY} Ooh…overall, dewy skin.

{CB} What’s one thing you always have in your bag when you’re on the go?

{HY} LUMIFY eye drops. I think because I’m in front of filming lights a lot and my eyes are a little sensitive to sunscreen, I get red eyes throughout the day – these eye drops literally save my life. I always have one with me, 24/7!

{CB} What’s next for Selfless by Hyram?

{HY} This month we’re partnering with Thirst Project for World Water Day and doing a really exciting event on Hollywood Boulevard in LA and you know, there’s some new stuff coming very soon that I can’t reveal! But expect something exciting.


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Nasreen Osman

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