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Discover Team Cult Beauty’s Skindie favourites

At Cult Beauty, we're skin care fanatics and love nothing more than the thrill of discovering something our friends haven't heard of... yet. Keeping our eyes on our Instagram feeds and our ears to the ground about cutting-edge tech and new skin care developments, try as we might to keep things under wraps, our passion for lotions and potions is such that we're constantly itching to blab about all of our latest obsessions.Always on the lookout for a Skindie Brand to make our pulses quicken, these are the heroes beloved by Team Cult Beauty's groupies. From brands that you've probably spied in your skin-savvy pal's bathroom cabinet, to burgeoning brands we're predicting BIG things for, these are the cool Skindie products we play (with) on repeat...Decree {Treat Tincture}"This product is the ultimate multi-tasker. I do nothing now but double cleanse, mist and use one pump of this serum at night. I am delighted with the results - after four weeks, my 38-year-old skin looks more even, hydrated, smoother and firmer. And, if you still need convincing, my husband said 'your skin looks nice' which, coming from someone who's NEVER even noticed my skin, is high praise indeed..." - Jenny, MarketingYouth To The People {Superfood Cleanser}"I'm extremely picky abut my second cleanse as I have combination skin that's easier dried out. this gel-to-foam formula lathers up quickly and easily, making for a lovely experience. My skin is always left feeling soft, clean and nourished without any telltale dryness and it also smells gorgeous. I never knew I could fall for a products so quickly and easily." - Emmie, ContentPeace Out {Acne Healing Dots}"Peace Out's Acne Healing Dots have officially *peaced out* my blemishes! Prepare to wave adieu to painful, under-the-skin spots by popping on one of these handy stickers as soon as you feel a pimple brewing and it'll work its magic overnight. By morning, you will quite literally see the gunk drawn out in the centre of the patch. Talk about does what it says on the tin box." - Vic, SocialBiossance {Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel}"My eye treatment needs to be water-based to protect my lash extensions. This lightweight formula offers a shot of hydration while working to brighten and quickly de-putt" - Charlotte, MerchandisingShani Darden {Texture Reform}"This serum truly renews the texture of my skin without any of the frustrating peeling and dryness that can come with stronger retinol products. Since adopting this into my routine, my hormonal breakouts have dramatically reduced and my skin looks so smooth and radiant - such a winner in my eyes!" - Jess, PPCVerso {Super Facial Serum}

"This serum is definitely the secret weapon within my skin care regime. It really helps to target the texture of my skin and helps to heal areas with blemishes and old scarring. I find this helps to smooth the appearance of my skin making it both brighter and reducing inflammation. Being a little thicker in texture and packed with hyaluronic acid, I find it's especially great in these cold winter months to supercharge my hydration levels." - Julia, Customer Service</p>

Verity Douglas
Verity Douglas Writer and expert
Cult Beauty’s Content Editor and a Cult Beauty OG, Verity loves nothing more than the marriage of language and lip balm. A quintessential Libran, she’s a self-professed magpie for luxury ‘must-haves' and always pursuing the new and the niche — from the boujee-est skin care to cutting-edge tech. Balancing an urge to stop the clock with her desire to embrace the ageing process (and set a positive example for her daughter), Verity's a retinol obsessive and will gladly share her thoughts about the time-defying gadgets, masks and treatments worth the splurge...

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