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The best innovations in sun care

The sun has got his hat on in a big way – shining his not-so-benevolent rays on the sun-hungry populace. Which is why it’s imperative to equip yourself with one of the latest generation of ‘intelligent’ sunscreens, (as well as our faux glow essentials). From fresh SPFs to the latest in tanning, we’ve rounded up all of the newest arrivals that shield from the sun and bestow a believable bronze…


Great for those living in urban environments, who’re often exposed to intense bursts of sunshine – as well as the ongoing onslaught of blue light, particulate matter and daily pollution – Kate Somerville’s {Daily Deflector Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 PA+++} is abundant with ceramides (to strengthen skin’s barrier function), as well as a 100% zinc oxide sun shield to physically deflect DNA-damaging rays and free radicals. Keep this in your handbag (or your desk drawer) and apply before you skip out for your lunch.


Having been put through its paces by Cult Beauty’s very own Cult Concierge, the shield that has come out on top in the ‘undetectable’ stakes is Thank You Farmer’s {Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF 50} – a featherweight, hyaluronic acid-infused formula that plumps and promotes moisture levels while warding against the skin-damaging impact of UV (and aggressors) with no chalky cast – making it perfect for those blessed with darker complexions.


Sunscreen with stamina, Lancaster’s {Sport Invisible Face Gel SPF 30 } withstands the most vigorous workout. With Lancaster’s ‘Full Light Technology’ which targets 100% of the sun spectrum (UVA, UVB, visible and infrared), this pioneering formula is readily absorbed and quick-drying – to shield against damaging rays without leaving a film (it was rated 94% invisible in trials). What’s more, you can apply it directly to wet skin (ideal if you’re swimming and need a quick top-up), and thanks to its proprietary ‘Protection in Motion’ technology, when it comes into contact with water or sweat it increases resistance to dial up the sun-safety.


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare have done it again with their brilliant {All Physical Lightweight Wrinkle Defense SPF 30} – a phenomenally lightweight, yet totally impenetrable ‘force field’ between face and the elements. Non-greasy and crammed with free radical-scavenging antioxidants, this acts like a parasol – blocking not only the sun, but the ageing effects of exposure to screens – thus helping to ward against wrinkles, dark spots and the other, less glamarous signs of the passage of time.


A pocket-sized stick that won’t leak in your handbag, Shiseido’s {Clear Suncare Stick SPF50+} has an ultra-high sun filter and beautiful, barely-there texture – gliding seamlessly over your skin care (or make up!) whenever you need a quick touch-up (it’s great for those leisurely, al fresco lunches or after-work drinks in the sun). This disappears upon application – strengthening and conditioning skin with a blend of botanical extracts – including oil-soluble liquorice to protect against dark spots and soy lecithin to delay the onset of lines. What’s more, this is laced with a functional fragrance that works with your sweat to create a fresh, citrus-y scent.


Bestowing the most subtle glow (without shimmer!), Supergoop!’s {Glowscreen SPF 30} has a featherweight texture (and whisper of colour-adaptive tint) that glides over skin to deliver a shot of hydration that plumps and promotes a fresh canvas for make up… or not. Great for those in hot pursuit of ‘glass skin’ goals, this marries hyaluronic acid with vitamin B5 and a reef-safe, cruelty-free screen to prime and protect while providing a naturally luminous look.


Hello Sunday’s (aptly named) {The One That’s Got It All – Facial Primer SPF 50} creates a clear, velcro-esque base for foundation to ward against make up migration while keeping skin safe in the sun. A buffet of goodness (it’s skin care-meets-sun care), this also boasts numerous nourishing extracts, including brightening vitamin C (to help prevent dark spots and scavenge free radicals), thirst quenching hyaluronic acid, reparative algae and soybean oil to promote luminosity and suppleness. Easily absorbed with no white cast, it’s ideal for those keen to streamline their routine.


A gradual tan for all skin tones, trust Isle of Paradise to deliver an olive-toned, streak-free solution to natural, honey-hued warmth – just in time for bare leg-weather (praise be!). The seamless {Self-Tanning Butter} not only bestows a believable, totally customisable glow (the more times you layer, the deeper the tan), but it’s also enriched with green, colour-correcting pigments to neutralise redness and unify tone for a gorgeously even effect. Delicious scented with lavender, peppermint and coconut, this nourishes skin and is swiftly absorbed to replenish and leave your limbs strokeably soft (but not sticky), with minimal risk of tan transfer. It’s no over-statement to say we’re *obsessed*.


An instant, gloriously golden tan with SPF 30 to keep your face safe, TAN-LUXE continue to innovate – pioneering new, exciting ways to get your glow on. With chemical sunscreen to offer broad-spectrum protection, alongside hyaluronic acid and squalane to plump and promote elasticity, {Super Gloss SPF 30} provides an ethereally sunkissed finish – lending a whisper of holiday warmth for a radiant, fresh-faced effect.


Developed to soothe post-sun skin while prolonging your holiday lustre, Lancaster’s {Golden Tan Maximizer After Sun Oil} is flecked with light-scattering particles, as well as a buffet of calming, conditioning goodness to quickly repair and replenish your skin after hours outdoors. With a satin-y, dry oil finish and specialist complex that amplifies melanin synthesis, this works to intensify your tan, reduce the risk of peeling and promote a lustrous look (think: J-Lo and you get the right idea…).


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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