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Why you need to know about Beauty Banks

This year has been unprecedentedly hard on us all – for a multitude of reasons – that’s why Cult Beauty has partnered with Beauty Banks, an organisation that supports those experiencing hygiene poverty to help give something back to those struggling during an already challenging time.

Founded by two best friends and real-life beauty heroes – journalist Sali Hughes and her colleague Jo Jones – Beauty Banks’ mission is simple: to make hygiene poverty history.

While filming a report on homelessness, Sali discovered a lone box of razors, deodorants, tampons and toothpaste, donated by charity workers themselves for the clients who wanted to shave for an interview, shower ahead of a health care appointment or simply feel clean – a fundamental right that Sali realised, many people take for granted. Shocked by the plight of those lacking the access to everyday basics – from shampoo to sanitary products – Sali phoned Jo and in 48 hours, Beauty Banks was born.

Providing essential supplies, Beauty Banks helps to empower the people who don’t have the means to keep clean and feel confident, restoring dignity to those who need it most. Which is why the team at Cult Beauty is joining forces with Beauty Banks to support its cause starting with a £15/€17 donation from each sale of this year’s {Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2020}!

“We are blown away to be collaborating with Cult Beauty on their now iconic Advent Calendar. It’s an exciting and meaningful partnership between Beauty Banks and Cult Beauty, forged after much discussion around our shared values and desire to harness the power of beauty for good.”

Sali Hughes, co-founder of @thebeautybanks

Ahead of our collaboration, we caught up with Beauty Banks’ founders, Sali Hughes and Jo Jones to find out more about the philanthropic organisation.

{CB} Hi both! Can you share any tips on how we can have a more philanthropic Christmas this year?

People often wait for change to happen – that or they pray and wish for it – too many of us think our voices are too small to create change but we’re proof that’s not true. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

{CB} Food Banks always have shortages of certain essentials. How do we help address that?

Every Foodbank is different and requires different items at different times. It’s important to connect with your local foodbank and ask them what they want. Most have Instagram accounts and post when they’re short of something.

{CB} And finally, what’s next for Beauty Banks?

We want to continue reaching people in need. We are, and always will remain, grassroots and homemade – we don’t want an office, staff, big overheads because that takes away from the impact we can make and the number of people we can help. Sadly because of the impact of Covid-19 demands for our services are increasing at an alarming rate so we’re focused on doing more.

“It’s like a dream come true. Sali and I are both obsessed with the brand and regularly shop on the site. There are great humans behind this brand who care about humanity and doing good – we share a lot of common values.”

Jo Jones, co-founder of @thebeautybanks

Emmie Thornhill

Emmie Thornhill

Deputy Content Editor

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