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This brand is menopausal skin’s best friend

Sparked by a hot flash, created by science, {Pause Well-Aging} not only shines a spotlight on the hush-hush subject of the menopause but celebrates beauty in their own terms, affirming that beauty only gets better with age.

The brand’s innovative formulations meet the unique needs of menopausal skin and the entire range works together in harmony to target key changes that occur during each stage of the menopause. Plus, they’re formulated with Pause Well-Aging’s proprietary Pause Complex – a carefully researched fusion of vitamins, antioxidants and peptides to help fuel much-needed collagen production. More than just a skin care brand, Pause Well-Aging is disrupting the age-old conversation (or lack thereof) around menopause, replacing ‘anti-ageing’ with ‘well-ageing’ and finally, reaffirming that beauty doesn’t peak at any one point in your life – it keeps evolving. Bravo, we say!

With Rochelle Weitzner – an industry titan and former CEO of {Erno Laszlo} – at the helm as Founder and CEO, Pause Well-Aging sets a new standard for how we think about and take care of menopausal skin. Designing a two-pronged approach – rejuvenating actives in their skin care alongside innovative stimulating tools – to coax collagen production into gear, this unique collection guides your skin through the hormonal changes in each of the three stages of menopause. 

Hot flashes are the most common symptom of hormonal changes during menopause so it’s no surprise that their innovative {Hot Flash Cooling Mist} is one of the brand’s bestsellers thanks to its innovative ability to instantly cool and relieve uncomfortable hot flashes. While hot flashes cannot be prevented, this mist provides reliable, instant relief from the discomfort caused by them. It intelligently creates the sensation of lowering your body’s surface temperature, cooling and calming skin, reducing redness and evaporating sweat. 

As we age, the production of collagen – the structural support net in our skin – slows down. Designed to top up dwindling collagen levels, Pause Well-Aging’s {Collagen Boosting Moisturiser} is a deeply hydrating day-and-night moisturiser that helps to spark collagen production again. It also focuses on increasing skin density and improving elasticity during all three stages of menopause for visibly firm and lifted skin.

A must-have from the innovative line, the {Fascia Stimulating Tool} is an FDA-cleared, Class 1 medical device, engineered to stimulate fibroblasts (collagen-producing cells within the fascia connective tissue) and improve blood flow, support cell turnover, remove waste, boost collagen production, and optimise overall skin nutrition – which can help minimise sagging and enhance volume and elasticity!

A must-have for the early stages of menopause, the {Hydrating Cleanser} was designed to help parched pores experiencing excessive dryness and breakouts. As we approach menopause, our skin can experience both excessive dryness and breakouts so using a thorough yet gentle cleanser is increasingly important during this life stage. With its light, creamy texture, Pause Well-Aging’s cleanser swiftly removes impurities, make up and excess oil without stripping skin of its natural moisture, leaving a soft, silky feeling in the place of uncomfortable dryness.

The {4-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Treatment} thoroughly cleanses, tones, hydrates and removes even the most stubborn of make up all without stripping skin of its natural moisture and oils. Harnessing the micellar molecule that attracts impurities without stripping skin of its natural moisture, it also features the brand’s Holy Grail proprietary Pause Complex – a carefully researched fusion of vitamins, antioxidants and peptides – to help fuel much-needed collagen production and enhance brightness, improve firmness and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The remarkable {Complete Face Serum} helps to spark collagen production and counteract the effects of dwindling collagen levels within the skin to renew skin’s density and elasticity, with a special focus on toning and tightening contours around the jawline. Powered by the highest concentration of the brand’s proprietary Pause Complex, this silky formula nourishes and hydrates skin deep down to help prevent moisture loss, lessen the severity of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, as well as even out skin tone for a healthier, more radiant complexion.

As we approach menopause, hormonal swings can result in occasional breakouts but not to worry, Pause Well-Aging’s {Detox Serum} is here to help you face these unwelcome blemishes by effectively clarifying and decongesting pores, gently exfoliating and soothing inflammation – all without drying out your skin. Ultra-lightweight and as clear as water, this fast-absorbing formula is incredibly effective at balancing stressed-out skin by regulating excess oil production all while preventing dryness at the same time. We’re obsessed!


Bethan Robinson

Bethan Robinson

Senior Copywriter

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