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Here’s how to ‘skinify’ your hair care ritual

“The ‘skinification’ of hair care? What gobbledegook do you speak?” Yes, as strange as it sounds, the hair care revolution is well under way, with brand’s launching serums, masks, scrubs and sunscreens laced with super-charged, scalp-friendly actives – and ingredients usually saved for your face. Think: hair products and formulas as intricate and bespoke as a multi-step ‘SoKo’ facial, to nourish your strands and your follicles.

Consider this, if you will – when was the last time showed your locks half as much love as you show your ol’ ‘boat race’? And, just like your skin, your strands are regularly wrecked by heat, dye, pollution, hard water, chlorine… not to mention the weather (Oi!). 

The result? Frizz, flyaways, brittleness, fall-out and split ends galore. So, if that doesn’t convince you it’s time to upgrade your outmoded approach to mane maintenance, we’re not sure what will! It’s easy to make changes that will make a massive difference, so here’s how to ‘skinify’ your hair regime and restore crowning glories to, erm, glory …

The Sheet Mask

Sheet masks have become a staple in our bathroom cabinets thanks to the influence of our skin-savvy cousins in South Korea. So why wouldn’t they work just as well on your hair? {Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System} combines their famous {Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask} (which contains a restorative cocktail of B-vitamins, rosehip and argan oils, algae and biotin) with a special cap (the ‘sheet mask’ bit), lined with micro-encapsulated argan oil. Think of this stuff as a First Aid Kit for damaged, thirsty tresses.

The Exfoliator

You might care for your complexion with twice-weekly acid peels and enzyme-packed masks, but we bet your scalp doesn’t get much of a look in… (guilty as charged). Kevin Murphy’s {Maxi.Wash} is laced with AHAs to help detoxify and stimulate your follicles, while goop’s {G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo} is exactly what sad, scaly scalps have been waiting for – a super-natural cocktail of oils, salts and extracts that sloughs away scales to help combat your dandruff and liberate roots to boost ‘oomph’. A new – and rapidly growing category – {Davines}, {OUAI Haircare} and {Philip Kingsley} are all in on the action so get set to scrub up!

The Toner

Just as you’d ‘tone’ after cleansing your face, Philip Kingsley’s {Flaky Itchy Scalp Toner} brings calm to your frustrated follicles. Jam-packed with balancing extracts to keep flakes at bay and promote healthy growth, this anti-microbial formula soothes irritation and swiftly restores equilibrium – perfect for freeing your shoulders from give-away head-shed. 

And, if your hair is bleached blonde, Kevin Murphy (again!) makes it easy to tailor your tone with his brilliant ‘angels’. Choose from {Sugared}, {Autumn}, {Cool} or {Crystal} to emphasise highlights, eliminate brassiness or bring out the warmth of your natural colour.

The Serum

Plagued by split ends? Step forward Virtue’s {Perfect Ending Split End Serum}. A true innovation in hair care, this über-advanced formulation is brimming with Alpha Keratin 60ku – a whole human keratin, spawned by regenerative medicine. Totally identical to strands’ own ‘building blocks’, this protein is instantly recognised; bonding with delicate fibres to fortify lengths and enhance elasticity. A great way to ‘heal’ damaged hair while counteracting likelihood of future fraying, this helps your tresses achieve their potential.

The Moisture Mist

If you only have one hair product in your handbag (we have around 5 at any given time, but maybe that’s just us), then it should be this multi-tasking Davines’ {OI All In One Milk}. Coming in a chic, little black bottle, it quenches and detangles parched, thirsty strands with the help of provitamin B5. It also contains the ‘hero’ ingredient – roucou oil from the Amazon rainforest – to protect against free radical damage caused by sun and pollution (yes, they wreak havoc your hair as well as your skin).

The Oil

You know when you have a facial and the therapist applies a concoction of amazing essential oils that work wonders for your skin (and send you to sleep in the process)? Playa’s phenomenal {Ritual Oil} has the same effect on your tresses – and smells like a mini aromatherapy session to boot. Bursting with kukui, apricot and coconut oils to balance and infuse your mane with moisture, alongside Californian sunflower oil to tame frizz and replenish lost lustre, this keeps your locks gorgeously glossy!


Did you think SPF was reserved for your skin? Think again… UV exposure can damage your strands (not to mention compromise your colour). Swedish hair care extraordinaires {Sachajuan} have created the perfect solution with their aptly-titled {Hair in the Sun} – a silky sunscreen that you smooth through your mop before hitting the beach, sea (or swimming pool). A force field for your crowning glory, this deflects damaging UV rays with a blend of co-polymers, proteins and algae extracts – while doubling up as a sleek styling product to keep your locks sleek.

The Supplement

Although not positioned as a hair supplement, The Nue Co.’s {Plant Protein + Gut Food} is brimming with protein and keratin, which has an array of wellbeing benefits – not least, the fact that your hair (and your nails) will start growing like wildfire. The very definition of an all-rounder, this aids your digestion to keep your skin clear while the keratin – one of hair’s key ‘building blocks’ – kick-starts growth so your locks can achieve a Rapunzel-esque length in no time.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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