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Expert tips to get more from your beauty sleep

Alpha-H’s educator Tom Ogden shares exclusive tips for getting the most from the {Beauty Sleep Power Peel} – an age-defying powerhouse that work’s hard while you do the opposite…

“Does anyone really get enough ‘beauty sleep’ these days? Our lives are busy, often stressful and that bedside clock ticks metronomically. Yet sleep is crucial to our body – especially the skin, because at night it switches into repair mode. Cell regeneration is accelerated and new collagen created – both factors which are crucial to delaying the ageing process. At {Alpha-H} we wanted to create a product to support these activities – to recharge your skin’s batteries when it can’t get enough recovery time of its own.

{Beauty Sleep Power Peel} is your sleep-in hydrating mask, your complexion super-charger, your youth booster – all in one simple step. If you’re already using our world-renowned {Liquid Gold} formula then simply use the new peel on an alternate night. You can even use it as a ten minute ‘flash peel’ before a special event or occasion.

‘Flash peeling’ is also an excellent way to introduce {Beauty Sleep Power Peel} into your routine if your skin’s prone to sensitivity. Simply do a flash peel before bed once or twice a week in place of any other form of exfoliation, then follow with a non-glycolic moisturiser such as Alpha-H’s {Essential Hydration Cream}. Do this for a full four-week cycle then ‘graduate’ to using the peel once a week, leaving it on all night. You can also ‘buffer’ the potency of the peel by applying it over a non-glycolic serum or essence.


This is a 10-minute ‘instant re-boot’ to max your moisture levels, refine pore size and firm the appearance of the skin. All you have to is follow these simple steps:

{1} Cleanse your skin then apply two pumps of the peel to the face, neck and décolletage, avoiding the delicate eye area and lips.

{2} Leave the peel on for 10 minutes. You might feel a little tingling or warmth as the blend of pure retinol and glycolic acid pulses into the skin.

{3} Wet your face with a few drops of warm water and gently massage your skin – taking care not to get the product into your eyes. The peel will now turn into a milk as the fruit enzymes spring into life, giving you a surge of fresh exfoliation.

{4} Rinse the peel off thoroughly with warm water and/or a soft damp washcloth.

{5} Apply a non-glycolic serum and/or moisturiser (Alpha-H’s {Vitamin C Serum} is perfect). Apply an SPF cream if you’re going outside.

As retinol accelerates the creation of new cells deep beneath the epidermis, it has unique anti-ageing properties; it literally ‘tricks’ the skin into behaving as it did when it was younger. For this reason it is possible to experience a little redness or peeling when you first start using retinol, until your skin becomes acclimatised. To give your skin time to adjust we simply recommend that you start slowly – adding the product to your routine gradually and only using it up to a maximum of twice a week.”

And there you have it! The failsafe way to look as if you’ve had a full eight hours, even when the candle’s burning at both ends…



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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