6 of the best innovations in hair care (and why you are going to *need* them)

You’ve doubtless heard us (read us!) banging on about the ‘hair care revolution’ but believe us, it’s ‘a thing’. The industry has finally ‘got wise’ to the significance of what we use to cleanse, condition and care for our delicate lengths – offering up a new swathe of strand-strengthening, texture-respecting confections to treat your tresses with the same TLC you would show your complexion. 

With this in mind, we’ve been expanding our extensive hair care offering to ensure each and everything you choose will show your mane the love you’d show your silks and cashmeres, so browse our edit of the latest (and greatest!) new heroes your locks will ADORE. 

When {Sam McKnight} creates a capsule range of sprays the beauty world takes notice. The man’s expertise has decoiffé-d the locks of Kate Moss (not to mention our own gorgeous, blondie-locked Jessica), and these mists and spritzes are perfect for getting that sought-after, slept-in hair texture at home. We love none more than {Cool Girl} – who wouldn’t want to look ‘cool’? – and are head-over-heels for its featherweight formula which imparts rock-chicky ‘tszuj’ without stiffness or stickiness. Insouciance in a tin, the smell is heavenly (a fragrant blend of green leaf, herbs, watery flowers and pepper against a backdrop of frankincense, cedar and juniper wood), so that you can mimic that post-gig aesthetic (without the tell-tale morning-after ‘aroma’).

Creators of heat-styling tools with a difference, {Cloud Nine} were bored of the industry’s ‘one wand suits all’ attitude to hot rods (errrr…) and decided to take matters into their own (hyper-capable) hands. Starring super smooth, mineral-coated ceramic surfaces to minimise the risk of snagging, these also feature variable temperature gauges, to suit the array of hair types and textures. Proven to minimise breakage, we can’t get enough of the brand’s {Micro Iron} – handbag-compatible straightening irons which work for all hair types and lengths (they’re especially great for your fringe).

If your strands are stressed-out, coarse-but-fine or especially porous, Dizziak’s specialist {Deep Conditioner} was created by journalist Loretta De Feo to nourish her dry, afro hair. A godsend for those whose hair texture is typically frizzy or breaks easily, this nourishing blend of plant extracts and butters is free from the synthetics typically trusted to tame flyaways and ‘control’ curls or kinks – relying instead on its hydrating blend to enhance your hair’s texture and help ‘free the ‘fro’. Hailed as an ‘aphrodisiac for afro hair’ (gettit… {Dizziak}!?), this swiftly spins straw into silk – replenishing the precious moisture textured hair is (all-too-often) lacking, easing detangling and enhancing definition. 

The hair care version of a blotting paper, OUAI Haircare’s ingenious {Frizz Sheets} are perfect for combatting ‘fluff’ on-the-go. Convenient, single-use sheets which you stow in your handbag (we’re tickled by their tongue-in-chic cigarette-y aesthetic), these mane-taming wipes work to combat the impact of moisture (take THAT drizzle) while enhancing shine to leave strands looking sleek – and your face looking smug.

You would be forgiven for raising an eyebrow when told that a showercap typifies ‘innovation’, but when it comes to {SHHHOWERCAP} – you’d have to eat your cynicism. Roomy enough to accommodate even the longest and thickest of locks, these chic shower caps are ideal for protecting your precious blow-dry as the specialist, nano-tech fabric protects strands from in-shower heat and humidity. In a series of styles you could answer the door wearing, we’re pretty smitten with {AJAX} – a bright cherry red with some spidery eyes.

People forget that the scalp is essentially ‘face’, so why (!?!) do we often forget it exists? The spotlight has focused on scalp care of late, with an influx of launches which promise to clarify, balance and gently exfoliate delicate skin – but leading the charge was the trichologist to the stars, {Philip Kingsley}, whose {Stimulating Scalp Mask} has a satisfying ‘tingle’ as it works to gently slough away the dead cells, dirt and debris that contribute to build-up, inhibit ‘lift’ and cause excessive oil. Boasting menthol to boost circulation, alongside magnesium, iron and zinc to kick-start creation of collagen, keratin and elastin, when used twice a week this will keep your scalp happy while helping to stimulate growth.


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Verity Douglas

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