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The hallowed hair care treatment every bathroom cabinet needs

From East London to Beverly Hills, {Philip Kingsley} is the poster boy for perseverance. Passionate about hair, from his humble beginnings he quickly became the world’s go-to ‘hair guru’ – channeling his unwavering interest into acquiring an acute understanding of hair and scalp health (alongside a long list of Hollywood clients, who literally, put their hair’s health in his hands).

Hailed variously as the ‘hair wizard’ and the ‘hair doctor’, {Philip Kingsley} was much more than just the A-Lister’s trichologist – he revolutionised the hair care industry by making expertise accessible to all; he wanted to democratise the business and worked ceaselessly to realise his vision – no more ‘bad hair days’ (a term he first coined). A world-leading expert on hair and scalp care, Philip Kingsley’s name echoes through every hair care ‘Hall of Fame’ and you will hear the hallowed word – {Elasticizer} – whispered knowingly by enviably glossy-locked stars, editors and influencers everywhere.

A pioneer and innovator, it was Philip who first introduced the concept of ‘hair textures’; who developed the first ‘pre-shampoo treatment’ and turned the world on to the concept of scalp health with targeted tonics and treatments to nourish and strengthen your strands from the source.

Over the course of his career as a trichologist, he amassed a loooooong, glittering list of iconic clients – from Audrey Hepburn to Cate Blanchett via VB and Sienna – while his products have graced bathroom shelves the world over. The first trichologically-driven hair and scalp range, it is arguably his aforementioned treatment that’s the jewel in his extensive list of accolades.

When Audrey Hepburn called bemoaning the condition of her over-processed hair, Philip set to work developing a treatment that would help to fortify her fragile strands and restore shine and ‘stretch’ to brittle lengths. Packed with elasticity-boosting ingredients, the multi-award-winning treatment was named the {Elasticizer} – a game-changing pre-shampoo conditioner that adds bounce, gloss and manageability to dry and damaged hair.

Audrey fell in love with the (now iconic) concoction – she used it for the rest of her life, and even ordered backups to be sent to her in Switzerland to guarantee she’d never be without it. It is now an undisputed ‘hero’ of the hair care industry – with endless (and prestigious) accolades it works to tame unruly tresses and restore a healthy shine to stressed-out lengths.

Just apply to dampened hair before you wash it – distributing from mid-lengths to the ends then wrap your head in a warm towel to help the precious potion penetrate. It’s the ultimate go-to whenever your locks look lacklustre… there’s a reason it’s earned such a legion of devotees.

So, yet to discover this game-changing treatment? We recommend you rectify the situation, stat. Trust us, your strands will thank you for it…



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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