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How to make your teeth look whiter

We’ve lined-up a whole host of gadgets, tips (and toothpastes!) to help brighten pearly whites…

{Get pulling}

‘Oil pulling’ is a key principle of Ayurvedic medicine – the oil attracts and draws out toxins via your gums and leaves your molars looking whiter in the process. Coconut is probably the nicest-tasting oil of choice. KIKI Health’s {Organic Coconut Oil} is 100% raw and anti-bacterial, combatting bad breath and all manner of mouth-dwelling nasties. Swill a teaspoon-sized amount around your mouth and hold it in for 20 minutes a day (just remember to spit it in the bin, not the sink or you’ll wind up with serious plumbing problems).

{Switch up your toothpaste}

The humble toothpaste has evolved considerably over the years. It can even (temporarily) help rebuild tooth enamel – as is the case with Apa Beauty’s cutting-edge (but humbly named) {White Toothpaste}. Boasting hydroxyapatite (a building block of tooth enamel), that’s proven to help strengthen weakened teeth while ‘ultrapolish technology’ gently ‘buffs’ persistent stains to restore teeth to starlet-worthy glory.

{Invest in some high-tech wizardry}

To many of us, the idea of using a manual toothbrush seems like something from the dark ages. Foreo’s {Issa} toothbrush uses high intensity pulses to give teeth a thorough going-over (without compromising your delicate gums, or weakening the tooth enamel). It’s perfect for diminishing discolouration, resulting in much brighter, whiter white smiles all round.

{Choose blue-toned lip colours}

Notice how yellow your teeth look when you wear bright pink {lipstick}? That’s because yellow and orange-toned lip colours can visually accentuate the yellow hues in teeth. On the flip side, blue tones can make them look whiter (hurrah)!! Apa Beauty’s ingenious {Apa Blue Lip Shine} is a blue-hued gloss that’s laced with peppermint and light-scattering crystals, to optically enhance the brilliance of teeth. Or try Surratt’s {Prismatique Lips} in shade ‘Cultive’ – a twinkling sky blue that turns an opalescent pink once its applied.

{And avoid orange-hued bronzer}

Yes, believe it or not – your bronzer can actually give your teeth a yellowish tinge, so avoid looking Tango’d and invest in a high quality formula like BECCA‘s {Bronzing Skin Perfector}. A delicate crème-to-powder primer, it creates a deep – and decidedly non-orange – glow that says ‘two weeks in Nice’ as opposed to ‘just escaped from Willy Wonka’s’.

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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