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Get eyes to mesmerise with this pro-make up artist trick

Ever wondered why your best friend’s eyes look so intensely blue? Or been arrested by a gorgeous, green-eyed gaze while scrolling through your Insta-feed? Chances are, these captivating babes both use this clever colour trick to instantly intensify their irises. If opposites attract, then colours opposite each other on the colour wheel result in eyes to mesmerise… it couldn’t be easier! Just try these tricks and be prepared to hypnot-eyes

If you are blessed with baby blues then opt for eyeshadows with gold or orange undertones. Rich umbers, earthy terracottas and glimmering, burnished bronzes will enhance their brilliance for the most penetrative glare. Charlotte Tilbury’s aptly named {Eyes to Mesmerise} in ‘Bette’ is a gorgeous, glimmering golden-taupe, while 3 Concept Eyes’ {Sparkling Pigment} in ‘Staring’ stars twinkling, orange and golden-toned glitters to lace your eyelids with shimmer.

If you’re beautifully brown-eyed you can get away with almost any shade but indigos and navy blues intensify the richness of dark chocolate tones. Jouer’s {Crème Eye Shadow Crayon} in shade ‘Avant Garde’ looks absolutely gorgeous – lacing lids with a smooth, creamy veil of midnight shimmer. A modern twist on smoky shades, these ‘night sky’ hues are absolute essentials for the most heart-melting gaze.

Lucky enough to have gorgeous green peepers? Green eyes look incredible with purple-toned or ‘rouge noir’ hues, so choose a range of deep reds, rose-toned taupes and sanguine shades to maximise their verdancy. RMS Beauty’s {Swift Shadow} in ‘Garden Rose GR-19’ looks fantastic on ivy-eyed girls, while the ‘Holy Grail’ {Modern Renaissance Palette} is great for green-eyed goddesses.

Hazel-eyed? Amplify green flecks with purple shades which contrast gorgeously with light brown, khaki hues. Rituel de Fille’s {Ash & Ember Eye Soot} in ‘Serpent de Mer’ is a dramatic burnished taupe with violet flecks and a whisper of silver shimmer. Or, to really bring out amber tones, pale blues and turquoise hues work wonders. RMS Beauty’s {Swift Shadow} in ‘Enchanted Moonlight EM-68’ is an subtl bleached denim with amethyst tones, while Beauty Bakerie’s {EyesCream} in ‘SugarWater’ lends a subtle wash of Côte d’Azure.

And if you have dove grey or slate-hued eyes, enhance their lilac undertones with greens (we’re totally obsessed with Surratt’s {Artistique Eyeshadow} in ‘Verdâtre’ – a twinkling greeny-grey glitter), or opt for shades of silver, pewter and glimmering graphite to really complement their subtlety. Kjaer Weis’ {Eye Shadow} in ‘Divine’ is perfect, or invest in Charlotte Tilbury’s {Luxury Eye Palette} in ‘The Rock Chick’ and get set to scandalise.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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