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Quick-fire questions with Kat Burki

With an adoring horde of actors, models, ‘it’ girls and editors attributing their flawless, glowing skin to Kat Burki’s eponymous collection, we think it’s high time you discovered her impressive {skin care} cocktails for yourselves. The secret to Alexa (Chung), Isabella (Rossellini) and Chloë’s (Sevigny) enviably clear (and youthful!) {complexions}, we spoke to Kat about what makes her range so highly prized amongst those with means to throw serious $$$s at their problems…

{Cult Beauty} Hi Kat! We are so excited to launch {Kat Burki} on Cult Beauty. For those who’re new to your skin care gorgeousness, could you explain a little bit about your ethos and what makes your range unique? 

{Kat Burki} Hi! Thank you, we are equally as excited to launch with you! Expanding on cutting edge nutritional science, we have three prongs that we apply specifically to our skin care formulations. One, is utilising Super Nutrient Complexes – combining ingredients which help to boost the efficacy of each other (like how vitamin D improves the body’s ability to absorb calcium). We use similar combinations such as reishi mushroom with vitamin C – reishi facilitates greater absorption of the C, resulting in what we would call a ‘Super Nutrient Complex.

{CB} Who is Kat Burki aimed at? Is there a particular ‘type’ of skin (or character) who typifies the Kat Burki consumer? 

{KB} We know from our research that the {Kat Burki} customer is educated, ingredient savvy (she reads the lists as this is so important to her) and health conscious. They are extremely loyal to our products – once they discover them they tend to stick around!

{CB} Vitamin C is at the heart of several best-loved products in the collection. Why is vitamin C so integral to skin health? What does it do and how does it do it?

{KB} Vitamin C offers antioxidant properties and has a very unique role in collagen synthesis. Specifically, {vitamin C} limits the damage of UV exposure by protecting against free radical damage. UV light decreases vitamin C in the skin, so it is important to replenish through skin care, and then the trick is to get as much absorption as possible – we do this through ingredient combining with reishi mushroom, vitamin E and rosehip.

{CB} For those who’re dying to dive in but don’t know where to start, could you recommend a ‘hero’ product guaranteed to kick-start a Kat Burki addiction? 

{KB} Our {Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream} is our number one seller, and is a great way to develop an addiction to the line.

{CB} Your products are ‘cold processed’. How does this impact on the integrity of your ingredients? 

{KB} We implemented the first certified cold processing technology to ensure maximum potency of our products – that all vital ingredients remain at their highest level of efficacy, understanding that high heat degrades precious vitamins, oils and antioxidants.

{CB} And are any of your products vegan? With growing numbers choosing to adopt a vegan diet, there is growing demand for skin care to comply. 

{KB} Yes, all of our products are {vegan}.

{CB} The range promises both ‘instant impact’ and ‘everlasting anti-ageing benefits’. What sort of effects should users see immediately, and how long will it take to see a cumulative difference in the skin? 

{KB} You will see results on the first application. Good skin care (like mine!) will rapidly absorb, instantly plump and, with consistent use, your skin will become healthier and healthier due – in large part – to accelerated turnover. Your skin is constantly repairing itself – you just need to give it the best tools to enable it to realise its potential.

{CB} Are there any quirky products in the range? Which do you think stand out as completely unlike anything we’re likely to have come across before?

{KB} Yes, we have a few for sure. {Form Control Marine Collagen Gel} is a lift and fill product for immediate fine line filling. while the {PH+ Enzyme Essence} is a very unique product – it works to regulate skin’s pH level which in turn, combats bacteria and battles the environmental free radical damage.

{CB} Does the brand have any A-List devotees? We read that Alexa Chung is a Kat Burki addict…? 

{KB} We’re very fortunate to have a cult following among many top make up artists, models and ‘it’ girls like Alexa Chung, Chloë Sevigny, Georgia Fowler, and Behati Prinsloo.

{CB} And if you had to summarise the range in just three words, what would they be? 

{KB} Cutting-edge, Unique, Effective 

Thanks so much Kat! You can shop Kat Burki skin care {here}


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Verity Douglas

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