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High-performance products to compete with Harley Street

Products which bridge the gap between skin care and invasive treatments are becoming more prevalent – with ever-developing anti-ageing technologies, and a rapidly growing demand for efficacy – we’re seeing an increasingly diverse range of products which deliver quick, dramatic age-defying results without the risk (of expense) of a visit to Harley Street.

Lasers are tasked with correcting a spectrum of skin care concerns – from acne, scarring and pigmentation to thread veins, redness and general loss of tone and firmness. Alpha-H’s innovative {Liquid Laser} range amalgamates these diverse benefits – distilling the effects of laser treatment, into a core collection of topical products. Starring Juveleven – a pioneering new ingredient – this revolutionary trio works to counteract the ‘intrinsic’ decline in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid-synthesis that starts spiralling once we hit 40 – mimicking the regenerative properties most women seek from surgery, without the adverse side-effects.

Dermal fillers are fast-becoming a ‘lunch time’ option for those who’re concerned with deep lines and lost tone. However, clued-up Italian women have been flocking to their pharmacies, to snap up {Fillerina} – an innovative, at-home alternative to injectables. The signature {Filler Treatment} is a two-phase topical, targeted line ‘plumper’ – which comes in three grades to address fine lines (grade 1) to deep furrows (grade 3) – whilst simultaneously counteracting sagging.

Two products which simulate a little ‘nip ‘n’ tuck’ without the agony, are The Ordinary’s {Matrixyl 10% + HA} (a veritable snip at £9.60) and skyn ICELAND’s {Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels}. The former is both fast-acting and gradual; a wrinkle-reducing elixir that instantly softens fine lines while preventing the development of new creases.

The latter – a collection of skin-lifting ‘stickers’ – works to combat smile lines which have ceased to look cute. Packed with plumping peptides – copper tripeptide-8, to jump-start collagen synthesis and speed up cellular turnover and acetyl hexapeptide-8, to relax facial muscle contractions – these cooling gels dramatically diminish visibility of wrinkles and exhibit an immediate firming effect.

Omorovicza’s {Blue Diamond} range stars the stunning {Resurfacing Peel} – a do-it-yourself peel, without the terrifying, ‘Samantha Jones’ side-effects. Developed to brighten, refine and restore radiance to dulled, lacklustre complexions, this intensive cleansing and exfoliating treatment contains lactobionic and lactic acids, alongside AHAs to eliminate the uppermost layer of cells and restore light-reflective uniformity. Remarkably effective – and infinitely less traumatic than the Harley Street equivalent…

And to wage war on crêpey-ness (a common curse around the eyes and neck), choose a fortifying formula that bolsters skin’s resilience. DNA Renewal’s pioneering serums are infused with DNA Repair Enzymes and Epidermal Growth Factors to strengthen fragile skin and enhance elasticity. The bestselling {DNA Regeneration Serum} is ultra lightweight and readily absorbed, to ‘undo’ all those tell-tale signs of cellular slow down. And with dramatic results in as little as eight weeks, it’s a great way to delay your face (or neck) lift…


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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